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The Newberry Springs Community Alliance (Newberry Springs, Calif.) is a grassroots Community Based Organization (CBO) of residents and property owners rooted in fostering an improvement of Newberry Springs through the engagement of education, local news, and energetic personal involvement.

  Newberry Springs News Blog  

" The Pulse of Newberry Springs" shared with the world.
Where alfalfa and pistachios are grown using toxic urban sewage sludge
and the CSD overlords support moral corruption and carcinogenic airborne particulates.

If we haven't offended you yet, please be patient.

Solar related.

Soitec Solar      Soitec Solar on Mountain View facing problems. -  Posted 7/13/24

Thermal Runaway   Clearway Energy's batteries threaten residents. -  Posted 7/1/24

Walmart      Barstow's Walmart might be closing. -  Posted 6/22/24

Kelly's Expansion      Major expansion proposed for Kelly's service station. -  Posted 6/6/24

County Sell-Out   BMT Minneola Solar project approved by County. -  Posted 5/9/24

Internet Meeting      High speed broadband on the horizon for Newberry. -  Posted 4/28/24

Burn Fee     Newberry CSD sticks residents with burn fee increase. -  Posted 4/27/24

NSVFD Logo     NSVFD's pumper Engine 392 pushed in. -  Posted 2/24/24

NSVFD Logo     NSVFD's Engine 392 to have push in ceremony. -  Posted 2/23/24

Dawn Rowe reelection     Has Supervisor Dawn Rowe earned your vote? -  Posted 2/10/24

Ex-GM Sues CSD     Former CSD GM's litigation against Newberry continues. -  Posted 1/28/24

    Newberry CSD's Big Top Edition. -  Posted 1/21/24

Audit Representative     Auditing firm condemns Newberry CSD's practices. -  Posted 1/6/24

Sotec Solar     Newberry CSD December report. -  Posted 12/22/23

County Sell-Out   Another industrial solar project to impact Newberry. -  Posted 11/15/23

Tustin Hangar Fire      Tustin hangar inferno. -  Posted 11/10/23

Ft. Cady Crossing & Disappearing Water      Ft. Cady Rd's missing RR X-ing and missing water. -  Posted 11/1/23

    What are Robert's Rules of Order?  Posted Posted 10/17/23

    Route Sixty-Six. -  Posted 10/8/23

UPDATE      Newberry Springs' CSD news. -  Posted 7/26/23

Logo   More moral bankruptcy. -  Posted 7/17/23

Fire Engine      Newberry's fire department acquiring new fire engine. -  Posted 7/2/23

Misinformation      Misinformation is being spread in Newberry. -  Posted 6/29/23

Frontier's Proposal      Frontier of California's big proposal for Newberry. -  Posted 6/6/23

Jack and Jodi      Jack Unger and Jodi Howard profess their love. -  Posted 6/2/23

INTERNET MEETING      Residents lobby State for high-speed Internet. -  Posted 5/17/23

GM's FIRED      Newberry Springs CSD's General Manager fired! -  Posted 5/10/23

GM's FIRING      Will the Newberry Springs General Manager be fired? -  Posted 5/8/23

FIBER OPTIC MEETING      An extremely important meeting for Newberry Springs! -  Posted 5/6/23

ILLEGAL DUMPING      Unsolved Mystery In Newberry Springs. -  Posted 4/30/23

KABOOM      Newberry General Manager has a hissy fit ! -  Posted 4/12/23

Day vs Night      Day vs. Night - Leaving footprints outside of Newberry. -  Posted 3/6/23

6th St. Bridge      6th Street Viaduct. -  Posted 12/22/22

Henry Sandoz      A Veterans Day pilgrimage. -  Posted 11/13/22

    Newberry CSD 2022 election results. -  Posted 11/9/22

Festival Sign      Comments on the 2022 Pistachio Festival. -  Posted 11/6/22

Laughing Clown      Upcoming November 8th election. -  Posted 10/30/22

The Aborted      California's Proposition 1. -  Posted 10/15/22

    PUBLIC NOTICE: To candidate Jack Unger. -  Posted 10/14/22

Logo Read before you vote. -  Posted 10/12/22

    CSD votes to commingle Kiewit Pacific fund. -  Posted 10/4/22

    Special Kiewit Pacific funds to be commingled. -  Posted 9/25/22

Paranoia     Paranoia stupidity in the Newberry CSD. -  Posted 9/23/22

Logo   Residents become aggressive against Clearway. -  Posted 8/19/22

Lit'l Elf   Newberry Springs in Sierra Club publication. -  Posted 7/31/22

Lit'l Elf     The Little Elf, the General Manager, & Commodities. -  Posted 7/5/22

Logo  Blowing Dust Exposé  •  The Scandalous Sellout ! -  Posted 6/22/22

Logo   Clearway - It is a Civil Liberties / Civil Rights matter ! -  Posted 6/12/22

Logo   A Newberry Springs' Saturday drive in Paradise. -  Posted 6/1/22

Logo   50% of Clearway Energy being purchased by the French. -  Posted 5/27/22

    Newberry CSD boners! -  Posted 5/22/22

   Do you have... or plan to have... residential solar? -  Posted 5/19/22

    NBC 4 TV news report on marijuana. -  Posted 5/18/22

   Where is the enforcement against Clearway? -  Posted 5/14/22

Logo   Clearway Energy continues to poison Newberry's air. -  Posted 5/9/22

Oh No!   Newberry CSD getting cozy with Clearway. -  Posted 4/28/22

Logo   Exploring litigation against Clearway Energy. -  Posted 4/24/22

   Law firm to hold mass action meeting in Newberry. -  Posted 4/21/22

 Citations to be given for residential outdoor lighting. -  Posted 4/2/22

Logo   Understanding Clearway's deadly action. -  Posted 2/26/22

Logo     The People's Convoy passes through Newberry. -  Posted 2/23/22

Logo   Blattner Energy creates health hazard for Newberry. -  Posted 2/22/22

Logo     Medical study not good for Newberrians. -  Posted 2/18/22

Logo   Solar representative to speak regarding dust. -  Posted 1/23/22

Logo     Daggett to open visitor center. -  Posted 1/13/22

Unbelievable poor behavior. -  Posted 1/3/22

Logo     Mountain View RR crossing closure. -  Posted 1/2/22

UPDATE   Newberry's decline in 2021. -  Posted 12/26/21

Logo     Sexually Violent Predator won't be in Newberry. -  Posted 11/23/21

Logo     Murder suspect arrested in Newberry Springs. -  Posted 11/23/21

Newberry CSD is still clowning. -  Posted 11/12/21

    Latest update on Rhoden's Lancaster hearing. -  Posted 11/7/21

    Lawtis Rhoden may find residency in Lancaster. -  Posted 10/7/21

    Report on Rhoden's 2nd court hearing. -  Posted 9/25/21

    Court hearing on Newberry sexual predator housing. -  Posted 9/22/21

    Chaos from Liberty Healthcare. -  Posted 9/11/21

    FOX11 news report on Newberry weed. -  Posted 9/9/21

    House of Cards -  Posted 9/5/21

    Bus transportation for Rhoden hearing. -  Posted 8/26/21

    Spring Valley Lake couple aides child molester. -  Posted 8/23/21

    Newberry landlords of a Sexually Violent Predator. -  Posted 8/14/21

    Newberry CSD meeting dealt with screw-ups! -  Posted 8/1/21

    Traffic signals for Newberry Springs ? -  Posted 7/26/21

    Monuments to Newberry CSD's retardation. -  Posted 7/18/21

  Newberry CSD finally acknowledges a core mission. -  Posted 7/4/21

    Deputy shot at. -  Posted 6/19/21

 Expensive light fixture retrofit to assault residents. -  Posted 6/10/21

    Turbine blade train finally arrives in Newberry. -  Posted 5/10/21

    Newberry CSD circus antics. -  Posted 4/26/21

    More wind turbine blades headed to Newberry. -  Posted 4/24/21

    How the CSD can further screw the community. -  Posted 4/17/21

    Dogs do matter. -  Posted 4/5/21

    CSD considers shipping containers for Civic Hub. -  Posted 4/3/21

    Comedy at the Newberry CSD continues. -  Posted 3/22/21

    Tourist shop opportunities. -  Posted 3/13/21

    Hillbilly mentality. -  Posted 3/5/21

    Newberry CSD Board's incompetence sinks further. -  Posted 3/1/21

    Newberry's Route 66 is now a National Scenic Byway. -  Posted 2/17/21

    Dark night skies may become costly for homeowners. -  Posted 2/16/21

    More CSD incredible blundering. -  Posted 2/12/21

   Salton Sea offers insight to life under Clearway's solar. -  Posted 1/2/21

    Newberry Springs #1 New Year's Resolution. -  Posted 1/1/21

    County potential takeover of the Newberry CSD. -  Posted 12/14/20

  Shame, shame on Newberry Springs. -  Posted 12/1/20

    Newberry CSD 2020 election results. -  Posted 11/4/20

    Sup. Lovingood leaves a reflection for Newberry. -  Posted 11/2/20

Risk on the rails.     Brandan Archibek arrested yet again. -  Posted 10/27/20

Pamella Barber (1976)   Pamalla Barber's petri dish. -  Posted 10/23/20

Paula Deel      Addressing Paula Deel's spin. -  Posted 10/11/20

Paula Deel exposed!  What candidate Deel doesn't want you to know. -  Posted 10/5/20

Movie: NETWORK (1976)      'Mad as Hell' Commentary on Paula Deel. -  Posted 10/1/20

Voters angry at Paula Deel.      Newberry voters angry at Paula Deel. -  Posted 9/27/20

COVID-19 testing in Newberry Springs.      COVID-19 Newberry testing - Wednesday, Sept 23. -  Posted 9/20/20

COVID-19 testing in Newberry Springs.      COVID-19 testing now scheduled for Newberry. -  Posted 9/4/20

Jodi Howard      Was the CSD's posting premature? -  Posted 8/28/20

Newberry CSD - House of Traitors. Newberry CSD - House of Traitors. -  Posted 8/10/20

      Newberry CSD candidates for November's election. -  Posted 8/8/20

Newberry CSD July 28th meeting.      Newberry CSD meeting July 28th. -  Posted 7/26/20

COVID-19 now officially in Newberry Springs.      COVID-19 now officially in Newberry Springs. -  Posted 7/19/20

Newberry residents are pissed !    Newberry residents are pissed! -  Posted 7/12/20

Judicial Appeal.    Newberry CSD surrenders and screws community. -  Posted 7/10/20

2013 Grand Jury Report on Newberry CSD
Grand Jury's report
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Lovingood supports Victorville-Las Vegas train.     Lovingood supports Victorville-Las Vegas train. -  Posted 7/4/20

Lovingood's 4th of July message.     Lovingood's 4th of July message. -  Posted 7/3/20

Newberry CSD's treason.   Newberry CSD's treason.  Unger lies to Friends. -  Posted 6/27/20

Fireworks Madness.     Fireworks Madness. -  Posted 6/20/20

Fireworks.     Fireworks for Newberry Springs. -  Posted 6/11/20

Understanding Newberry Springs.     Understanding Newberry Springs & Paula Deel. -  Posted 6/1/20

Judicial Appeal.  +  San Bernardino County criminalizes gatherings.   CSD problems. -  Posted 5/1/20

Coronavirus prevention.     Coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention. -  Posted 3/14/20

Judicial Appeal.   A community that did it right. -  Posted 3/9/20

Judicial Appeal.   UPDATE: Newberry's solar fight. -  Posted 3/8/20

Judicial Appeal.   CSD acknowledges openness to betray community. -  Posted 3/1/20

Judicial Appeal.   CSD director Jack Unger continues to fib. -  Posted 3/1/20

Judicial Appeal.   Newberry CSD solar appeal facts & Pat Flanagan. -  Posted 2/21/20

Judicial Appeal.   URGENT !  Newberry CSD giving up solar appeal. -  Posted 2/18/20

Judicial Appeal.   Newberry CSD holds special meeting on solar appeal. -  Posted 2/13/20

Risk on the rails.     Brandan Archibek arrested again. -  Posted 2/5/20

Risk on the rails.   Railroad engineers worry about deadly silica dust. -  Posted 1/19/20

Supervisor Rowe.   County Supervisor Rowe flips against residents. -  Posted 1/16/20

Judicial Appeal.   Newberry CSD files Superior Court solar appeal. -  Posted 1/11/20

Supervisior Dawn Rowe   Supervisors Wage Devastation Upon Newberry. -  Posted 1/10/20

Judicial Appeal   CSD finds an attorney minutes before meeting. -  Posted 12/24/19

Judicial Appeal   Can the Newberry CSD meet the solar filing deadline? -  Posted 12/22/19

Judicial Appeal   Solar judicial appeal uncertain. -  Posted 12/21/19

Clearway   Scrappy fight delivered! -  Posted 12/19/19

Pointed finger.   Scrappy dog fight expected at CSD meeting!. -  Posted 12/15/19

Urgent   Supervisors vote to slowly kill Newberry Springs. -  Posted 12/13/19

BOS Hearing.   Newberry CSD prepares for the solar appeal Hearing. -  Posted 12/8/19

News.   Historic meeting on fate of Newberry. -  Posted 12/1/19

Rock-A-Hoola sign thumb.     Lake Dolores Water Park may have a rebirth. -  Posted 11/29/19

   More CSD shenanigans & Health Department data. -  Posted 11/9/19

   CSD seeking an attorney very late. -  Posted 11/1/19

   Unglued CSD director denounces Daggett solar blog. -  Posted 10/28/19

   Newberry CSD files solar appeal.  Will it work? -  Posted 10/13/19

    Neighborhood reflections. -  Posted 10/7/19

   Newberry CSD authorizes Daggett solar EIR appeal. -  Posted 9/28/19

   County Commission certifies Daggett solar EIR. -  Posted 9/21/19

    Important High Desert Survey for Newberry. -  Posted 9/9/19

    Armed assault and robbery on Minneola Road. -  Posted 7/30/19

    Newberry CSD board upsets minimal water producers. -  Posted 6/11/19

   Newberry's leadership is crashing. -  Posted 5/1/19

   Newberry CSD directors betray community. -  Posted 4/16/19

   Newberry Springs is in serious trouble. - Posted 3/29/19

   Newberry CSD's incompetence threatens community. -  Posted 3/24/19

    $1-million in stolen property recovered in Newberry. -  Posted 2/21/19

 County planning deadly dust for High Desert cities -  Posted 2/10/19

    Newberry Springs news blog January 2019 update. -  Posted 1/28/19

    Greedy CSD to vote on paying directors more. -  Posted 1/19/19

 SPECIAL REPORT: CSD Wrap - Newberry's poverty. -  Posted 1/1/19

    Newberry Springs acquire air quality monitors. -  Posted 12/21/18

    Newberry CSD election results. -  Posted 11/7/18

   Critical Supervisors' vote coming-up for Newberry. -  Posted 11/4/18

    Newberry campaign signs violate Penal Code. -  Posted 10/28/18

    Where's the beef in Victoria Paulsen's political flyer. -  Posted 10/26/18

    Fascinating alliances form in Newberry CSD election. -  Posted 10/21/18

    Property Owners to hold candidates meeting. -  Posted 9/30/18

    Countywide Plan to be presented in Newberry. -  Posted 9/8/18

    Newberry CSD candidates for November's election. -  Posted 8/15/18

    PG&E runs amuck in Newberry Springs. -  Posted 8/5/18

   Newberry CSD continues to degrade community. -  Posted 7/27/18

    Planning Commission Policy 4.10 hearing 5/24/18. -  Posted 7/24/18

    7-months of painful Newberry CSD inaction. -  Posted 7/22/18

    Newberry CSD Board exposing themselves. -  Posted 6/25/18

    Newberry CSD remains paralyzed. -  Posted 6/24/18

    Sheriff deputies raid more Newberry marijuana farms. -  Posted 6/8/18

    Sheriff arrest seven for negligent discharge in Newberry. -  Posted 5/31/18

    Desert communities acquire a major win. -  Posted 5/28/18

    Jimenez, Smalley, Fowlkes arrested in Newberry Springs. -  Posted 5/21/18

    Silver Valley is acquiring another solar project. -  Posted 5/6/18

    Daggett's Scoping meeting was another county sham. -  Posted 4/15/18

    Crucial Newberry solar meeting upcoming in Daggett. -  Posted 4/9/18

    Rebellion grows as County ignores constituents. -  Posted 4/3/18

    Newberry Springs families may face a tough decision. -  Posted 3/26/18

    County increases its liability assisting solar profits. -  Posted 3/17/18

    CSD Board's mismanagement may lead to early deaths. -  Posted 3/11/18

    Newberry CSD's directors struggle with solar development. -  Posted 3/2/18

    Daggett continues to embrace bad decisions. -  Posted 2/21/18

    Newberry representatives attend Lucerne MAC meeting. -  Posted 2/16/18

    Communities are collaborating against solar intrusion. -  Posted 2/11/18

    Newberry CSD fizzles with inadequate solar response. -  Posted 2/4/18

    Bombshell transformation to hit Silver Valley. -  Posted 1/28/18

    Supervisors are engineering the destruction of the desert. -  Posted 1/25/18

    Corrupt county leaders are reshaping Newberry Springs. -  Posted 12/3/17

    What say you, Supervisor Lovingood? -  Posted 11/29/17

    Supervisor Lovingood's Newberry eyesore gets worse. -  Posted 11/14/17

    County corruption supported in Newberry Springs. -  Posted 11/10/17

  Sup. Lovingood & Vickie Paulsen misguide Newberry. -  11/6/17

    Mark Wilson arrested for kidnapping and carjacking. -  Posted 8/11/17

    Nat. Park senior lifetime pass to drastically increase price. -  Posted 8/3/17

    Tanen Pruett arrested after barricade standoff. -  Posted 7/20/17

    Newberry resident arrested for Daggett shooting. -  Posted 4/6/17

    Something stinks in Newberry Springs. -  Posted 4/3/17

    Newberry Springs-Harvard Property Owners Quit. -  Posted 1/17/17

    Andrea Pruett's grandson reported as stabbing victim. -  Posted 1/8/17

    Newberry development group accepts land gift. -  Posted 12/22/16

    Newberry Springs auto theft suspects caught. -  Posted 12/1/16

    Kelly's Market robbed at gunpoint. -  Posted 11/23/16

    Cal Poly listens to residents at Ironwood meeting. -  Posted 11/21/16

    Cal Poly announces next meeting at Ironwood. -  Posted 11/14/16

    Cal Poly holds successful first meeting. -  Posted 11/4/16

    Secret public meeting being planned. -  Posted 10/27/16

    Sheriff raids Newberry and Daggett marijuana farms. -  Posted 10/23/16

    Billy Johnson's residence burns. -  Posted 10/21/16

    Czech-ing out Route 66. -  Posted 9/22/16

    Two juveniles in Newberry arrested for stolen gun. -  Posted 9/21/16

    Andrea Pruett, Bagdad Café owner, arrested. -  Posted 8/20/16

    Newberry Springs Homicide Investigation. -  Posted 8/14/16

    Frontier announces DSL coming to Newberry. -  Posted 7/18/16

    Matthew Yates is arrested again. -  Posted 7/8/16

Logo     Newberry Springs home invasion. -  Posted 7/2/16

    Active Towing continues its blight upon Newberry Springs. -  Posted 6/12/16

    Chinese bail out on L.A.-Las Vegas high-speed rail. -  Posted 6/9/16

    Newberry Springs loses Dave Woods. -  Posted 5/10/16

    Barstow special symposium tickets are now available. -  Posted 5/1/16

Logo     Newberry Springs resident shot by unknown assailant. -  Posted 4/20/16

    Newberry group moves closer to legitimacy. -  Posted 4/15/16

    Property owners meeting & Promise Zone failure. -  Posted 4/10/16

    State of the County: Business developers find value. -  Posted 4/7/16

    Sheriff raids another Newberry marijuana farm. -  Posted 4/1/16

    County hosts informative tourism summit. -  Posted 3/24/16

    Supervisor Robert Lovingood woos Newberry Springs. -  Posted 3/16/16

    Barstow selected for Route 66 economic symposium. -  Posted 3/8/16

Logo     County kills aid grant application for poverty-stricken -  Posted 2/24/16

Logo     Carl Gordon, Robert Poole arrested for burglary. -  Posted 1/31/16

    Economic development association proposed. -  Posted 1/14/16

    Newberry committee goes after ambitious grant. -  Posted 1/9/16

    Newberry committee holds first economic meeting. -  Posted 1/1/16

    Newberry economic development meeting scheduled. -  Posted 12/23/15

    Community development committee organizing. -  Posted 12/18/15

    Newberry billboards waiting Appellate Court decision. -  Posted 12/8/15

PUC Decsion     Cal PUC decision on Verizon/Frontier/broadband. -  Posted 11/26/15

Election results.     Newberry CSD election results. -  Posted 11/4/15

    Newberry Springs is running out of time. -  Posted 10/22/15

    Newberry Springs couple arrested. -  Posted 10/15/15

    Silver Valley High School lockdown. -  Posted 10/8/15

    Huell Howser's Volcano House sold by Chapman U. -  Posted 10/4/15

    Gaastra resurrects proposed water restrictions. -  Posted 9/21/15

Chinese to do Victorville-Las Vegas high-speed rail.     Chinese to do Victorville-Las Vegas high-speed rail. -  Posted 9/17/15

Newberry Springs Community Alliance water reform.     Water meeting scheduled for Newberry Springs. -  Posted 9/10/15

    Bozos continue to sabotage Newberry CSD. -  Posted 9/10/15

    Sheriff again raids Newberry's marijuana farms. -  Posted 9/2/15

    Route 66 Festival coming to Barstow in October. -  Posted 8/26/15

Rock-A-Hoola sign thumb.     Newberry CSD 2015 candidates announced. -  Posted 8/20/15

    Affordable Internet service for Newberry Springs. -  Posted 8/2/15

    Verizon is dumping its landline customers. -  Posted 7/25/15

    Ellen Johnson, Paula Deel, Robert Vasseur target ravens. -  Posted 7/17/15

    Vasseur flip-flops - CSD board supports raven killing. -  Posted 6/28/15

    Superior Court orders more Baja rampdown. -  Posted 6/26/15

    Director Paula Deel wants CSD lobbying letters. -  Posted 6/21/15

    LAFCO replies to questions from Newberry Springs. -  Posted 6/2/15

    Residents wait for judge's water adjudication decision. -  Posted 6/1/15

    Sheriff raids multiple local marijuana farms. -  Posted 5/30/15

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Bob's Towing files CUP application for new location. -  Posted 5/22/15

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Newberry's CEQA-NOW sends inquiry to LAFCO. -  Posted 5/6/15

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Cadiz water project teetering on collapse. - Seeking Alpha -  Posted 4/21/15

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Proposed water moratorium ordinance postponed. -  Posted 4/18/15

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Residents explore safety of sewage sludge compost. -  Posted 4/13/15

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Watermaster playing politics against minimal producers. -  Posted 4/12/15

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Major water moratorium ordinance planned. -  Posted 4/11/15

Newberry Springs     Sheriff nabs murder suspect in Newberry cold case.  -  Posted 4/1/15

Newberry Springs     Press Release Claims Witch Damned Newberry Springs.  -  Posted 3/30/15

Newberry Springs     Thirsty crops should require state regulation.  -  Posted 3/23/15

Newberry Springs     Baja water plan offers delusions for everyone.  -  Posted 3/20/15

Newberry Springs     Overpumping water in Central Valley is creating a crisis.  -  Posted 3/18/15

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Major water meeting scheduled for Silver Valley residents. -  Posted 3/7/15

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Solar facilities in desert are national security threat. -  Posted 2/18/15

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Supervisor Ramos implicated in alleged drug use. -  Posted 2/16/15

    Insidious electrical smart meters. -  Posted 2/13/15

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Supervisors question the DRECP. -  Posted 2/11/15

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Supervisor Ramos' field rep. arrested for smuggling drugs. -  Posted 2/5/15

    Newberry has big turnout at Watermaster meeting. -  Posted 1/29/15

    Route 66 Corridor Management Plan released. -  Posted 1/26/15

    Robert Kasner's views on farmers' water rights. -  Posted 1/16/15

    Newberry Springs residents pack room at water meeting. -  Posted 1/7/15

    Special Report:  Silver Valley's Water Plan. -  1/1/15

    Newberry Springs lakes are being choked. -  Posted 12/29/14

    Route 66 recovery from storms continues. -  Posted 12/21/14

    Utah moves to seize its federal lands. -  Posted 12/20/14

    Citizens give a strong 'no' to consolidation of CSDs. -  Posted 12/11/14

Logo     Manhunt in the Mojave Valley. -  Posted 12/10/14

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Baja Areawide Sustainabilty Plan is "Happy Talk." -  Posted 12/9/14

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Solar placement may explode crisis on Mojave Valley. -  Posted 12/2/14

    Bob's Towing plans Newberry Springs expansion. -  Posted 11/23/14

    Water activist meets with citizens on water law. -  Posted 11/16/14

Farmers raiding community water.     Pivot farming is destroying the local water supply. -  Posted 11/11/14

Logo     Ft. Irwin suspect arrested for homicide of 4-year old. -  Posted 11/10/14

DRECP Route 66 CMP impact.     Route 66 Corridor Management Plan map of DRECP. -  Posted 11/8/14

Is Newberry Springs worth saving?     Should Newberry Springs continue to dissolve? -  Posted 11/5/14

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Newberry Springs is targeted by the DRECP ! -  Posted 11/1/14

Logo     Sheriff deputies arrest suspects on airport thefts. -  Posted 10/29/14

    Newberry CSD Board & Chamber of Commerce derelict. -  Posted 10/27/14

    More Marijuana drug busts. -  Posted 10/22/14

    LAFCO recommends consolidation of CSDs. -  Posted 10/20/14

Logo     Newberry Springs billboards are in Appellate Court. -  Posted 10/19/14

Logo     Newberry Springs Cold Case has suspect. -  Posted 10/17/14

    EMERGENCY action needed to save Newberry's water. -  Posted 10/11/14

    Farmers are horrified at proposed Final Solution. -  Posted 10/4/14

    Route 66 closures between Newberry & Mnt. Springs Rd. -  Posted 10/1/14

    Angry residents want 5% rampdowns and pump tax. -  Posted 9/26/14

    New San Bernardino County logo offers humor. -  Posted 9/24/14

    Another Marijuana drug bust in Newberry Springs. -  Posted 9/20/14

    Storm heavily damages portions of Route 66. -  Posted 9/20/14

Newberry Springs Community Alliance water reform.     Water meeting held; farmers losing community support. -  Posted 9/19/14

Thumb     Coolwater-Lugo Project unpopular with public. -  Posted 9/17/14

Thumb     Newberry farmers are continuing to import toxins. -  Posted 9/11/14

Thumb     County hoodwinks citizens with solar/wind masquerade. -  Posted 9/2/14

    LAFCO plans consolidation for Silver Valley CSDs. -  Posted 8/25/14

    Evidence grows for possibility of tainted horse feed. -  Posted 8/20/14

    Dirty secret of some Newberry Springs farmers. -  Posted 8/17/14

    Newberry Community Church's abomination. -  Posted 8/16/14

    Is Newberry Springs killing horses? -  Posted 8/3/14

    National Scenic Byway will generate local jobs. -  Posted 8/1/14

Logo     Lovingood and Ramos oppose massive wind project. -  Posted 7/27/14

Logo     Barstow's proposed casino is bad medicine. - Editorial - -  Posted 7/19/14

Logo     Human skeletal remains found in Newberry desert. -  Posted 7/17/14

    Is Newberry Springs being slowly poisoned like Hinkley? -  Posted 7/14/14

    County Supervisors approve Active Towing site. -  Posted 7/4/14

    NBC national news features California Route 66. -  Posted 7/1/14

    Newberry Springs Fire Department burglarized.  -  Posted 6/12/14

    Rancher Bundy may be correct about federal land.  -  Posted 4/29/14

    Thomas Stickley / Spike Lynch misrepresent application.  -  Posted 4/2/14

Newberry Springs     Pilots blinded by Ivanpah Solar project.  140KB - - -  Posted 3/19/14

Newberry Springs     Big Box solar facilities in the Mojave Desert.  -  Posted 3/6/14

    Route 66 Corridor Management Plan Meetings -  Posted 2/21/14

    Newberry CSD special meeting / Route 66 offers hope. -  Posted 2/9/14

    Route 66 Corridor Management Plan overview. -  Posted 2/9/14

Newberry CSD.     Newberry CSD makes changes in its operations. -  Posted 2/2/14

Newberry CSD.     Newberry CSD appoints Le Hayes as General Manager. -  Posted 1/15/14

    Newberry CSD's missing fire truck has a new home. -  Posted 1/13/14

    Local corrupt officials violate citizens' right to speak. -  Posted 1/1/14

    Lovingood/Ramos - final approval of defective solar ord. -  Posted 12/29/13

    Route 66 Corridor Management Plan tour summary. -  Posted 12/21/13

    Mystery surrounds Newberry's missing fire truck. -  Posted 12/15/13

    Lovingood and Ramos approve defective solar ordinance. -  Posted 12/8/13

    Route 66 Corridor Management Plan tour scheduled. -  Posted 11/28/13

    Newberry CSD is clueless and fire truck is still missing. -  Posted 11/23/13

Thumb     81-year old man burns in house fire. S.B. Sun news link. -  Posted 11/17/13

    WANTED: New CSD GM & Missing Fire Truck. -  Posted 11/15/13

    Kathleen Ridler resigns as Newberry CSD director. -  Posted 11/9/13

    County blesses Newberry Springs Chamber with Bingo. -  Posted 11/6/13

Thumb     County introduces green energy financing. -  Posted 11/5/13

Thumb     County's solar moratorium suffers from indifference. -  Posted 10/26/13

Thumb     Newberry Springs structure fire. -  Posted 10/22/13

Thumb     IMPORTANT Water Meeting - Oct. 26 -  Posted 10/21/13

Thumb     Halloween Party for kids at Family Center - Oct. 26 -  Posted 10/20/13

Thumb     Newberry Springs Elementary School reports gunman. -  Posted 10/18/13

Thumb     County's proposed solar ordinance update released. -  Posted 10/15/13

Thumb     Newberry's Pumpkin Patch Trick-or-Treat - Oct. 19 -  Posted 10/11/13

Route 66 sign.     Community Alliance networking on Route 66. -  Posted 10/9/13

Soitec Solar     Soitec appears to be divesting its Newberry solar farm. -  Posted 10/4/13

Untruthful Brad Mitzelflt     Mitzelfelt's political failures forces move to Kentucky. -  Posted 10/3/13

Logo     Mother Road Travel Guide visits Newberry Springs. -  Posted 10/1/13

Logo     Four arrested in Newberry Springs. -  Posted 9/30/13

Newberry Springs, CA     More turbine blades coming to Newberry Springs. -  Posted 9/28/13

Tourism Summit sign     Lack of promoting stagnates Newberry Springs. -  Posted 9/24/13

Newberry CSD sign     Newberry, Daggett, Yermo CSDs targeted early. -  Posted 9/20/13

Mountain View solar     Solar workshop invites county code ideas. -  Posted 9/16/13

Robert Royalty thumb     Newberry CSD Royalty dumps on open transparency. -  Posted 9/13/13

Solar Energy     Solar energy workshop on county's development plan. -  Posted 9/4/13

SOCAL Edison.     More power outages for the Silver Valley. -  Posted 9/4/13

SOCAL Edison.     SoCal Edison and Soitec bring more blight to N.S. -  Posted 8/30/13

Rock-A-Hoola sign thumb.     Newberry CSD election results. -  Posted 8/27/13

Rock-A-Hoola sign thumb.     Lake Dolores Water Park and a Wet Dream. -  Posted 8/23/13

Calvin Owens     Calvin Owens has been removed from Newberry Fire. -  Posted 8/22/13

CAL HSR     Victorville - Vegas high speed rail gets another setback. -  Posted 8/21/13

Comedy     Newberry CSD candidate editorial. -  Posted 8/16/13

Robert Royalty     Newberry CSD conceals documents from the public. -  Posted 8/14/13

Newberry CSD.     Newberry CSD cannot document where $29,000 went. -  Posted 8/11/13

One horse.     No CSD funding for Newberry service association. -  Posted 7/29/13

Owens     Newberry Springs group wants Calvin Owens reinstated. -  Posted 7/28/13

Sign.     Director Calvin Owens reneges on his CSD resignation. -  Posted 7/27/13

Sign.     High-speed gamblers' train derailed again. -  Posted 7/21/13

Sign.     Director Calvin Owens resigns from Newberry CSD. -  Posted 7/18/13

Grand Jury Thumb     Thank you Grand Jury.  Newberry CSD is forced to listen. -  Posted 7/8/13

Grand Jury Thumb     Newberry CSD Grand Jury Report by S.B. Sun  65KB - - Posted 7/3/13

Grand Jury Thumb     County Grand Jury slams Newberry CSD. -  Posted 6/28/13

Sun Catcher     Calico Solar Project east of Newberry Springs canceled -  Posted 6/22/13

Sun Glare Thumb     County supervisors enact alternative energy moratorium. -  Posted 6/21/13

Gunther Portfolio     More background on the Mountain View solar facility. -  Posted 6/19/13

Wal-Mart Smile Thumb     Local officials are incompetent. -  Posted 6/17/13

Missing Dog     Missing Newberry Springs dog. -  Posted 6/13/13

Coolwater Transmission     Edison promotes new transmission line. -  Posted 6/10/13

Filing period opens.     Newberry CSD board candidates are... -  Posted 6/6/13

Filing period opens.     Newberry CSD candidacy registration period extended. -  Posted 6/3/13

Armstrong House.     Newberry Springs 'Official Eyesore Award' announced. -  Posted 5/27/13

Paulette Marshall.     Paulette Marshall resigns as Newberry CSD G.M. -  Posted 5/20/13

Filing period opens.     Newberry CSD board candidacy period opens. -  Posted 5/6/13

Robert Vasseur thumb pic     Robert Vasseur being himself... plus CSD news. -  Posted 5/4/13

Grand Jury report     Grand Jury report due in June -  Posted 5/1/13

Barstow Court thumb     Barstow Superior Court Notice -  Posted 4/23/13

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Fed & State To Gut Energy Environmental Protections -  Posted 4/20/13

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Brandan Archibek threatens CSD board members. -  Posted 4/17/13

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Community fundraiser for Owens' truck training. -  Posted 4/5/13

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     CSD Director Owens points finger to ex-Fire Chief. -  Posted 4/4/13

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Newberry Springs resident conquering 100 year mark. -  Posted 4/1/13

Blondie Woods     Dave Woods and Blondie on CBS / KCAL News. -  Posted 3/30/13

ABC 7 Los Angeles     Newberry Springs on ABC 7 News Los Angeles. -  Posted 3/27/13

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Newberry CSD continues on slippery path. -  Posted 3/24/13

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Newberry CSD's General Manager joins $700 cover-up. -  Posted 3/16/13

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     County Land Use Services screws Newberry Springs -  Posted 3/13/13

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     First District supervisor visits Newberry Springs -  Posted 3/10/13

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     First solar farm ranks Newberry residents. -  Posted 3/8/13

Newberry Springs, California     Two Newberry CSD directors involved in cover-up. -  Posted 3/1/13

Newberry Springs, California     Newberry Springs interm fire chief discharged. -  Posted 2/27/13

Newberry Springs, California     Newberry CSD Director may have committed fraud. -  Posted 2/23/13

Newberry Springs, California     Newberry Springs snow. -  Posted 2/20/13

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Letter to S.B. County:  Help Newberry CSD or abolish it. -  Posted 2/16/13

Newberry Springs Community Alliance     Newberry CSD violates the law again! -  Posted 2/14/13

    Newberry CSD to have an early election. -  Posted 2/12/13

Kathy Ridler     Kathy Ridler's election voidable. -  Posted 1/30/13

Kathy Ridler     Kathy Ridler elected as Newberry CSD director. -  Posted 1/29/13

ObamaCare Costs     ObamaCare to increase your food costs. -  Posted 2/7/13

ObamaCare Costs     ObamaCare to cost Newberry families $20K per year. -  Posted 2/6/13

President Obama     Speeding to Doom:  The end of the U.S. -  Posted 1/21/13

Obama's inspiration.     Is Pres. Obama involved in Ambassador Stevens' death? -  Posted 1/15/13

HEAR YE!     CSD seeks candidates for board member. - Posted 1/2/13

Maher     Visit the fabulous 2013 Rose Parade. -  Posted 12/31/12

Robert Seeley     Robert Seeley resigns from CSD. - 12/19/12

Road work ahead sign thumb.      Newberry Springs receives some limited new road paving. - 12/12/12

BARSTOW     EPA to remove contaminated soil. - L.A. Times - 12/3/12

Mojave Cross      Mojave Cross mini-documentary by our Alliance. Newberry Springs - 11/19/12

Henry Sandoz      Mojave Cross now has a Barstow connection. - 11/11/12

  THREAT       Cadiz Inc. threatens Newberry Spring's CadizWater.com - 10/26/12

                  November Election Results from San Bernardino County.

Paul Cook      Candidate Paul Cook hides behind Bev Lowry. - 9/28/12

  SCARED       To go to Barstow. - Posted 9/8/12

Route 66 Sign     Grant to fund Route 66 corridor management plan. - Posted 9/8/12

Neil Derry     Supervisor Neil Derry describes his background. Newberry Springs - Posted 8/26/12

Munger     N. Cal. billionaire buys big stake in candidate Paul Cook. - Cactus Thorns

Rod Hoops     Sheriff Hoops' administration embarrasses county. Newberry Springs - Posted 8/22/12

Neil Derry     Neil Derry defends his plea settlement. Newberry Springs - Posted 8/16/12

Gregg Imus     Gregg Imus gives his opinion of the BLM. Newberry Springs - Posted 8/16/12

Community Alliance business card thumb     Newberry Springs Community Alliance's first birthday. - Posted 7/5/12

Mr. Bag Head     Bag Head rants on Barstow's ex-mayor. Newberry Springs - Posted 6/22/12

Newberry Springs Community Alliance water reform.     Newberry citizens involved in water reform. Newberry Springs - Posted 6/16/12

Barstow, Hinkley, Newberry Springs linked     Nursery Products on thin ice.  - Posted 6/13/12

Newberry Springs Community Center     Newberry CSD proposes new powers.  - Posted 6/11/12

Feather Dress     Mining operator fights water raiders.  - Posted 6/7/12

                  Primary Election Results   From the Registrar of Voters

Feather Dress     PowWow is a major success!  - Posted 6/3/12

Bob Smith     Bob Smith - Residency question? Newberry Springs -  Posted 5/29/12

  MISSING      Jackie Conaway  - Print and distribute. - 2.3MB - - -  Posted 5/22/12

Gregg Imus     Gregg Imus receives Community Alliance endorsement. -  Posted 5/19/12

Bob Vasseur     Bob Vasseur voices fear of roadbed injury. Newberry Springs -  Posted 5/19/12

Inter-tribal Pow Wow     Newberry Springs participates in major Pow Wow.  -  Posted 4/30/12

Brad Mitzelfelt     Brad Mitzelfelt to visit Newberry Springs.  -  Posted 4/24/12

Ivanpah Solar     Ivanpah Solar construction photos.  -  Posted 4/23/12

Jackie Conaway     Jackie Conaway - The Invisible Candidate.  -  Posted 4/10/12

Congressional Debate     Barstow's First Congressional Debate  -  Updated: 3/25/12

  UPDATE       New pavement possible for Newberry Springs.  -  Posted 3/22/12

CHP stop     CHP catches fugitive on Interstate-40  -  Posted 3/12/12

Oliver Chi story     Meet Barstow's controversial new Assistant City Manager  -  Posted 3/7/12

Community     Newberry Springs Community Plan a sham.  -  Posted 2/21/12

      SAVE       New county prescription drug savings plan.  -  Posted 2/21/12

Newberry Springs     Sacrificing the desert to save the Earth.  -  Posted 2/5/12

      Newberry Springs         Calvin Owens stumbles as new CSD director.  - Posted 2/2/12

Ryan D. Gordon booking photo     Ryan Gordon sentenced to Chino prison.  -  Posted 1/26/12

Newberry Springs  Excessive  San Manuel indians claim casino skull.  -  Posted 1/21/12

Patriot Forum     High School Essay Contest:  $300  $150  $75 -  Posted 1/7/12

Radiation Warning        WARNING! Edison's Smart Meters are coming! -  Posted 1/4/12

Power Rangers   Weather in Pasadena makes Rose Parade attractive. -  Posted 1/1/12

        Nursery Products             HelpHinkley places appeal to stop Nursery Products. -  Posted 12/22/11

California High-Speed Rail   High-Speed Rail Not Up To Speed. -  Posted 12/17/11

California High-Speed Rail   Californians would now reject high-speed rail project. - L.A. Times story 12/7/11

Newberry Springs   Californians for Renewable Energy Sue DOE.   -  Posted 12/3/11

                  House attempts to withdraw high-speed rail funds.     -  Posted 11/28/11

Ryan David Gordon booking photo     Ryan Gordon is arraigned in Barstow. -  Posted 11/23/11

Newberry Springs pistachios     Pistachio festival received mixed reviews.   -  Posted 11/19/11

    Federal government chops high-speed rail money.   -  Posted 11/18/11

        Nursery Logo           Nursery Products in a financial struggle. -  Posted 11/13/11

  Understanding why court bail or a traffic fine is so high. -  Posted 11/3/11 

Newberry Springs       9-11 - Remembering Our Heroes. -  Posted 9/9/11

Newberry Springs       Barstow's new hospital gets state's O.K. -  Posted 9/1/11

   Newberry Springs          Newberrians caught in Washington's bumbling. Newberry Springs   -  Posted 8/8/11

   DesertXpress submits application to build and operate.   -  Posted 8/4/11

     Newberry Springs    Newberry SpringsFederal court guts Obamacare

  Newberry Springs     Boom & Bust for Newberry? Newberry Springs

     Newberry Springs        The criminal complaint against Postmus Newberry Springs

    Newberry Springs      Community Alliance strives for railroad overpass  

      Newberry Springs       Desert Wireless review Newberry Springs

      Newberry Springs         Wind Turbine Applications to BLM (incl. Troy Lake, Daggett, Mojave Valley)

!!!   Copy machines can be a security risk!   !!!

Newberry Springs   Hearing held on Barstow casino Newberry Springs

Barstow hustles casino project. -  Posted 8/17/11.

    Newberry Springs       Postal Service studies reduction of services.

Newberry Community Church Brings God & Radiation
High levels of radiation will be added to Newberry Springs.

Grand Jury Thumb     County screws Newberry again with a Cell Tower. -  Posted 7/2/13

Sign.     Hazardous cell tower approved for Newberry Springs. -  Posted 7/15/13

Newberry Springs Billboard Sham
The documented dirty secrets behind Spike Lynch's billboards.

Spike LynchBillboard interests highjack the N.S.-Harvard Property Owners Association. Spike Lynch

Spike Lynch Newberry Springs-Harvard Property Owners Association at less than 1%.  Spike Lynch

$$$   Billboard Payola?

Newberry Springs                         Court spikes pro-billboard motions.     Newberry Springs  -  Posted 9/20/11

   Spike Lynch   Property owners president throws a hissy fit! -  Posted 9/8/11

✓ ✓ ✓    Spike Lynch   Editorial exposé on Newberry Springs billboard stupidity.      

Spike Lynch   Spike Lynch cons local organizations. -  Posted 12/7/11

✓ ✓    Spike Lynch   Newberry CSD participates in billboard bribery scheme. -  Posted 1/2/12

   Spike Lynch     Spike Lynch's billboards win a motion. -  Posted 1/21/12

    GOA Billboards     Court could order removal of billboards. -  Posted 2/9/13

                    Spike Lynch.     Court hears final arguments on Silver Valley billboards. -  Posted 5/25/13

      Spike Lynch.     Court delays release of billboard decision. -  Posted 6/8/13

      Spike Lynch Thumb     Billboard proponents acquire court win! -  Posted 6/21/13

Newberry Springs Senior Association Saga
Newberry Springs' senior association is drifting.   Despirately needs money.
CSD's past support appears in violation of LAFCO's authorization.

Vultures     #8. Newberry CSD has been cheating kids. -  Posted 1/10/13

Drifting Sands.        #7. CSD Tough Love needed for the senior association. - 12/14/12

No meeting sign.         #6. Newberry seniors' management refused to talk. - 12/12/12

Newberry Springs Senior Center Sign         #5. Newberry seniors beg support from community. - 12/8/12

Newberry Springs Senior Center         #4. Newberry senior association begs for money again. - 11/29/12

Newberry Springs Senior Center         #3. Robert Shaw allegedly threatens lawsuit against CSD. - 11/29/12

  SENIORS         #2. Alliance files Public Records request on CSD. - 11/10/12

CLOSURE?       #1. Should the Senior Center association close? - Posted 10/31/12

Brad Mitzelfelt's Corrupt Cadiz Water Scandal
Tainted bribe money to support Mitzelfelt's congressional bid.
Cadiz, Inc. wanted Mitzelfelt in Congress for pipeline grant.

    PRESS        Press release on Cadiz water project. - Posted 10/24/12

Cadiz, Inc. SUCKS     Cadiz, Inc. claims conservation need to drain aquifers. Newberry Springs - 9/20/12

Munger     Musser-Lopez files Cadiz suit in federal court. - Newberry Springs - Posted 9/3/12

LAWSUITS    Conservation groups file litigation against Cadiz. - Filed 8/31/12

LAWSUITS    More litigation expected for the Cadiz water project. - Posted 8/27/12

Cadiz, Inc.     Did Cadiz, Inc. operate a War Room? Newberry Springs - Posted 7/26/12

Cadiz, Inc.     S.B. County positioning itself for huge liability. Newberry Springs - Posted 7/17/12

Bob Vasseur     County Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt Exposed. Newberry Springs -  Posted 5/25/12

Brad Mitzelfelt did not appear truthful     Brad Mitzelfelt bombs in Newberry Springs. Newberry Springs -  Posted 5/17/12

Brad Mitzelfelt     Brad Mitzelfelt - Massive water swindle. Newberry Springs -  Posted 5/12/12

Brad Mitzelfelt     Brad Mitzelfelt gives away critical desert asset.  -  Posted 5/10/12

Cadiz Water Project

Newberry Springs staff. Growing Alfalfa.

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