Dirty Secret That Some Newberry Farmers
Don't Want You To Know!

Why Newberry Springs farmland is being poisoned.
The history background that the Archibeks won't tell you.

    This is an extremely low budget, quality challenged video; however, its contents are revealing.

Eat this Up.

August 17, 2014

    The toxins and other deadly contaminates in sewage sludge are so bad that in 1990 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") made a famous declaration that "sewage sludge constituents include disease-causing pathogenic organisms (bacteria, viruses, etc.), heavy metals and inorganic ions, and toxic organic chemicals from industrial wastes, household chemicals and pesticides."

    Scientifically deemed far too dangerous and poisonous to be dumped and diluted in the ocean, the above and other research statements on sewage sludge led to a worldwide ban in 1992 on the dumping of sewage sludge into the oceans and waterways.  The age old adage that, "The solution to pollution is dilution," by dumping industrial and human waste into rivers and oceans, could no longer be supported with the growing populations and growing list of manmade toxic chemicals.

    Faced with a cut-off of its means of disposing much of its sewage sludge, the sewage treatment industry in the U.S. began to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into public relations and particularly, public officials.  This corrupt payoff to political campaigns continues today.

    As a result the EPA, who earlier found processed sludge far too toxic and poisonous to dump into the ocean, now finds that the same sewage sludge is safe for use as a fertilizer for our nation's food supply.

    Sewage sludge is used today to treat about half of this nation's farmland; so Newberry Springs is not unique in its usage.

    We are what we eat and Americans are realizing higher levels of cancers and other health ailments than in past decades.

    After science has substantiated that sewage sludge is too toxic for marine life, how can it be safe for humans and livestock?

    Newberry Springs contains a lot of uninformed people.  Obviously not you, because you are reading the Community Alliance Blotter.  The farmers in the valley appear to be of the more educated.  They know what is going on.  They know that sewage sludge compost contains dangerous elements; and those that risk using it are aware of the potential contamination to their crops and eventually the local water supply.

    They know what they are doing; and unfortunately, cheap sewer sludge compost appears to be about greed for higher profit.

    Several years ago, the U.S. National Research Council released a study (2011) that concluded that the health risks contained in sewer sludge are so numerous that most are simply unassessed and unknown.

    Regarding the horses that ate feed from Newberry Springs and became ill; was the illness from the sewage sludge compost?  That may never be known.  But the possibility shouldn't be ignored.

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