General Manager Has A Hissy Fit! 

Posted: April 12, 2023
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel


    When I was leaving the Newberry Springs' Post Office shortly after noon on April 12th, I briefly met with Jodi Howard.  Wow!  Is she upset with me!  I wasn't prepared for her or I would have videoed her for TikTok.  It would've gone viral.

    Her explosive animation, finger-pointing, and reasoning was priceless!

    Howard claims that I have defamed her as she is not an elected official!  That I need to take down my picture of her.  That I contradicted myself in calling her a "smart person."  And so much more.

    It is shocking to me that we have someone (or had someone) as a General Manager for Newberry who doesn't understand the basic laws of her job.  The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) is not only about elected officials.  It is about corruption in government and it covers elected officials, appointees, employees, and many more.

    The Complaint that I filed with the FPPC, for the most part, falls under Government Code § 1090.  Howard, like many of the CSD board members, only want to believe what they conveniently want to believe.

    Jodi Howard, and the board led by President Jack Unger, have the CSD matters in jeopardy.  Unger, in not allowing me to adequately address the board on the conflicts of interest problem, and Howard's snotty put down of me, were the match that lit the FPPC fuse.

    The FPPC may or may not act on my Complaint.  It is optional for the Commission.  Regardless, the violations are real and I am strongly confident of successfully defending the accusations if necessary.

    I believe that the longer that the Newberry CSD maintains Howard, the stronger a possible aiding and abetting charge against the Newberry CSD directors could be.  Regarding Howard, I believe that she has already sealed her fate.  She just doesn't understand it yet.

    Note: Simple employment has been considered as having a financial interest in the success of one's employer.  One's paycheck is involved.  Two governmental paychecks from two similar governmental employers and there is a loyalty conflict.  Why do some people struggle to grasp it?

    For anyone who wants another person's legal opinion, I would suggest reading:

An article posted in the Criminal Defense.

    The article is not recommended for any public official who wants to sleep at night.

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