Silver Valley Is Acquiring
Yet Another Solar Project

    Pictured is the existing small solar array at Daggett's Desert Springs RV Park.

Posted: May 6, 2018

New proposal.

    Most Silver Valley residents are aware that there are two gigantic renewable energy projects that are now being planned that will change much of the valley's historical viewsheds and lifestyle qualities.

    As previously detailed in our earlier news blogs, the projects will provide no measurable benefits to the local residents or to their communities.  There are however very serious long-term detrimental impacts on the environment and to the residents' health and welfare.

    The Community Alliance has previously warned that the two huge solar projects will be followed by others filling in the spaces unclaimed by the two projects throughout both Daggett and Newberry Springs.  The first of these filler projects has now been announced.

    Solar 66 is a renewable energy photovoltaic project being proposed by Ralph Laks Builder, a privately held company based in Woodland Hills, California.  The company is a single-family home building contractor that offers custom home design and residential construction.  The company also repairs water damage, mold removal, and other residential services.

    The solar project is being proposed to be built adjacent to Daggett in four phases.  The first two will involve 9 and 12-acres.  The third is unknown, but the fourth is said to involve some previous agricultural land.

    All proposed sites are said to have been acquired.  While the parcels at the time of this writing are unknown, it is believed that the development will initially be on the west side of Daggett near Nebo.

    The power from Solar 66 will not tie into the Coolwater station but will be linked to the distribution power of Barstow and will be less than the definition of utility-scale.

    To date, Solar 66 has not yet acquired a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).  It is reported that a PPA is being attempted with Southern California Edison which serves the City of Barstow.

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