Corrupt County Leaders
Are Reshaping Newberry

Satellite view of what new Solarville might soon look like since Supervisor Lovingood has opened the door for solar developers.

Posted:  December 3, 2017

    The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, led by desert Supervisors Lovingood and Ramos, have gone against residents by colluding with large developers to make most of the rural desert under the county's jurisdiction available to outside solar developers who are now acquiring land purchase options.

    In August 2017, the County Supervisors removed Policy 4.10 from the Renewable Energy Conservation Element that will become part of the General Plan's updating late next year.  The removal of Policy 4.10 opens Rural Living and Agriculture zoned communities as targets for solar developers.

    In addition, the county's abandonment of including the Community Plans into the Countywide Plan leaves communities without any say as to where solar developments are placed within their communities.  The upcoming General Plan revision has provisions to help utility-scale developers fast-track their developments.

    The county's corrupt trickery of reclassifying Community Plans as community (do-it-themselves) action plans leave rural communities without any voice in solar development placement.

    Why would Supervisors Lovingood and Ramos side with large developers against the impacted residents?  Why would these supervisors strip their constituents of community protection?  Would it be for selfish payoff reelection campaign contributions from industrial-scale developers?

It's time for the People to take back their county government.
It's time to elect leaders who represent the interests of the residents.

    While we wait for Supervisor Robert Lovingood to respond to Realtor Fred Stearn's open letter of November 29, 2017, we have acquired through a third-party another letter that Stearn has sent to the San Bernardino County's Land Use Service's Planning Director, the county's CEO, and the California Governor's Office of Planning and Research.

    Stearn questions why the county has practiced a historical culture of environmental racism upon the community of Newberry Springs. 

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