Yet Another Industrial Photovoltaic  
  Solar Atrocity Is Being Planned  
  Upwind To Newberry's Residents  

Posted: November 15, 2023
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

Solar represents power and money.
Outsiders are finding the local citizens weak.
The weak will always be dispossessed.

    The BMT Minneola Solar project can be stopped.

    The question is, does the Newberry Springs community have the fighting stomach to stop it?

    The Clearway Energy project, which has devastated Newberry Springs, could have been stopped. But, the Newberry CSD board of directors caved in. Board members at the time, Robert Springer, Jack Unger, Paula Deel, Victoria Paulsen, and Larry Clark all lied to the community and sadly sold Newberry Springs out for a few dollars.

    The community responded to this unspeakable treachery by reelecting Paula Deel. Solar companies love stupid communities that they can spend a few cheap dollars on ignorant people to buy them out. The CSD has sold out. The Chamber has cheaply sold out. And, the Senior Center has sold out.

    Isn't solar's fleecing of Newberry Springs exactly what the community deserves?

    It is a sad reflection of the current situation that Newberry Springs has become a target for such exploitation. The community deserves better than to be treated as a mere commodity to be plundered for outsiders' financial gain.

    The BMT Minneola Solar project represents a continuation of this pattern of exploitation. If the community does not take a stand, it risks further harm to its residents' health, the environment, its economy, and its quality of life. Newberry Springs must unite and fight if it is going to have a future.

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