Posted: October 1, 2020
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

Mad as hell at Paula Deel !

    The motivation behind this commentary is a couple of visitor posts on the Newberry Springs Community Alliance's Facebook site supporting Paula Deel after my previous news blog.

    One poster, J.B., writes that I ought to be ashamed of myself for posting what he interprets as mean content on Paula Deel.  R.B. writes that "Paula and Paul have done more for this community than anyone I know.  They have spent countless hours fighting on our behalf."

    Should I now feel embarrassed and ashamed for reporting on the moral corruption of Paula Deel and her orbiting band of conspiring CSD board misfits?  Hell, No!

    Obviously, I need to step-up the number of blogs because there are still people uneducated on Paula Deel's CSD shenanigans.

    In the next news blog, I will layout some local history on Paula for those who are tough enough to read through it all.  It will show the actual results of many of those "countless hours."

    What is dirty and mean is Paula Deel's damage against a community that she is supposed to be protecting as an elected official .

    What is actually wrong in this community lies with those who vote, support, and give Paula Deel and the other CSD board members power and comfort to damage Newberry !  Some of these individuals have surfaced to "Like" the J.B. and R.B.'s Facebook posts.


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    Those supporting Paula Deel appear uninformed and clueless that the CSD board earlier this year swindled them out of a part of their home's equity.  Value that has been surrendered to Clearway Energy.

    Newberry residents need to realize that the Clearway Energy project will elevate the levels of invisible carcinogenic silica dust in the air caused by the disturbance of 5.5-square miles of topsoil having been bladed upwind within a hazardous Sand Transport Path.  Newberry lives will be shortened.  Perhaps, your life.

"All I know is that at first, you have got to get mad !
You have gotta say, I am a human being.
God damn it !   My life has value !"

                          Howard Beale (Peter Finch) • Network 1976

    The ramifications of Paula Deel and the other CSD directors reneging on their promise to fight the solar project in Superior Court is devastating to Newberry Springs.

    Paula Deel's supporters trying to divert the narrative to me for raising the alarm doesn't change things.  I, as well as over two thousand of my neighbors in Newberry, have been damaged by Paula Deel's manipulative dirty politics.

    Enough is enough.  We need people on the CSD board with clean hands.

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