Newberry CSD Board
Finally Acknowledges
A Major Core Mission !

    The Newberry CSD Board, by unanimous vote, has acknowledged its duty "to represent and protect the safety and quality of life for the people of Newberry Springs, San Bernardino County, California."
    So, why hasn't the CSD done it?  Why hasn't the CSD protected the safety and the quality of life of Newberrians against the hazards of the Daggett Solar Project?
    The acknowledgment of this core duty is included in the Board's official Marijuana Resolution (above) sent to the State of California.  

Posted: July 4, 2021
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
Anniversary Edition
Now celebrating 10 years of sharing the Love.
by Ted Stimpfel

Newberry CSD's Leadership Failure

CSD directors' limited vision.

    After years of malfeasance and excuses from the CSD that it is trapped by its limited authority, the above Resolution is a recognition of the opposite.  The only limitation in the CSD's ability has been the limited vision and the limited wisdom of its leadership.

    As previously blogged, the Board has paid employees to handle its day-to-day fire and park operations.  The Board's principal role is policy and watchdog but there is so much more that the traitorous and malfeasant CSD Board can do to advance Newberry.

    During the June 2021, general board meeting, the first conversations were held that the CSD doesn't have the funds for Directors Jack Unger and Victoria Paulsen's civic hub project.

    The project should have been well into the architectural design stage by now but the project may never happen as the Board allowed substantial funding from solar to slip through their fingers.


    With the growing shipping traffic at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the rail traffic going through Newberry Springs has been increasing.

    During the past few years, the length of BNSF trains going through Newberry has been approximately 1-1/4 miles in length.  This year, the length of the average train has increased by about 200 feet for roughly a total of 1.3 miles in length.

    While these lengths may seem long, they are relatively short in the industry, and BNSF trains may continue to lengthen.  Some rare lengths by a few railways have been up to 15,000 feet long, over double that of the local BNSF trains.

    So, why should we care about the growing trend of longer trains?  Fire and medical responders have been blocked at our rail crossings.

    Years ago, Newberry Springs had four crossings along the Santa Fe rail line.  Minneola Road, Mountain View Road, Newberry Road, and Ft. Cady Road.

    As the Ft. Cady crossing did not have arms and other safety measures, the railroad simply stepped in and closed the public easement crossing.  This has forced the property owners on the north side of the rail line to exit Interstate-40 5-miles early at National Trails (Exit 18) and zig-zag on surface roads to access their properties.

    The closure of the Ft. Cady crossing has notably impacted the medical response from Barstow to timely reach emergency destinations.

    Communities in Los Angeles County have received many hundreds of millions of dollars for the removal of railroad grade crossings and the construction of arching roadbeds over and under the railroad tracks.

    In some cases, the railbed itself has been raised or lowered, such as with the Alameda Corridor or the Southern Pacific's track through parts of Alhambra, San Gabriel, and the City of Industry.

Valley Boulevard & N. Sunset Avenue, City of Industry, CA.

    Newberry Springs needs an overpass for Newberry Road and the reopening of the grade crossing at Ft. Cady.

    Why hasn't the lazy CSD Board been lobbying our federal representatives for the infrastructure funding?  There hasn't been a better opportunity than now to acquire the funding!


    Instead of promoting significant lifesaving infrastructure for the residents, the CSD community overlords were backslapping each other at the June CSD board meeting for successfully acquiring a few slow-down road signs for wildlife!

    When you see the signs sprouting up in Newberry, think of them as monuments memorializing the level of the CSD's limited thinking.

    Rather than protecting the safety and the quality of life for Newberrians, the CSD Board has betrayed its citizens by selling out to the solar industry on the Daggett Solar Project.

    The solar sell-out should have infused the CSD with enough money for their Civic Hub or the construction of a Newberry Road overpass, but the inept CSD Board was too stupid to leverage its legal position.  Who loses, you did!  Newberry did!  We all did... Big time!

    It's not that we have bad people on the CSD Board, we just have people who are uneducated and unqualified for the duties that they have incompetently undertaken.  They are clueless as to how to advance Newberry and by pushing their egos and ad-libbing, the CSD directors are continuing the many years of the community's decline.

    Because the Board members are friendly individuals, the community's voters continue to position them to further depress our drug-infested ghetto.


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