Newberry Springs Suffers
A Second Power Outage

      Weather map at 5 P.M. on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 shows intense storm cells just minutes before power losses in Newberry Springs, Harvard, and the Yermo areas.  (Click on map for a larger illustration.)

Second power loss within 5 days.

September 4, 2013

    Northern Newberry Springs and the Harvard area was hit with a wide-spread power outage at 5:04 P.M. Tuesday afternoon.  The cause as reported by Southern California Edison was lightning .  Power lines were also reported down.

    Despite the power loss being considered wide-spread, only 214 customers were reported impacted due to the rural nature of the area.

    Five other power outages were reported in the Silver Valley.  Most are located in the Yermo area and includes a total of 55 impacted Edison customers.

    As of 12:05 A.M. Wednesday, Edison crews had identified the problem and were working on it.  At the time of this 1 A.M. posting, Edison had not made an estimation for the time of power restoraton.

Updates:  8 A.M. 9/4/2013 - Edison estimates full power restoration by 4 P.M.
                   Big rig flips over I-15. (KTLA video)

Update:   1 P.M. 9/4/2013 - Edison has two outages impacting Harvard/northern Newberry Springs.  One that impacts 144 customers is expected to have full power restoration by 3 P.M.  The second, impacting 78 customers, is now expected to be restored by 8 A.M. Thursday.

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