County Land Use Services
Continues To Screw Newberry Springs

Local Newberry church quietly commits abomination
before God in selling out Christian principles.

July 2, 2013

      The citizens of Newberry Springs are again being played as inconsequential patsies as the county's department of Land Use Services is quietly pushing through another ten story high commercial eyesore in Newberry Springs.

      Previously, the Newberry Springs Community Alliance's Blotter reported on the stealth switcheroo that county Land Use Services masterminded in the Soitec Solar of France solar project on Mountain View Road that allowed a previously agreed to 7-foot maximum height to be raised to 27-feet.  Before that it was the 100-foot plus tall Burington Northern Santa Fe communication tower that was also placed adjacent to Mountain View Road at Tonapah Street.

      The latest plan is for a 97-foot Verizon cellular tower that is going to be disguised as an invasive species of Eucalyptus so that the ten story structure, on relatively flat desert land, will naturally blend into the community unnoticed.

Blotter's rendition of the 97-foot height of a Eucalyptus cell tower.

      This latest eyesore upon the community will be placed adjacent to Newberry Road about 330 feet south of Cottonwood.  Those familiar with the area will recognize the community sell-out host for this monstrosity as the Newberry Community Church (Parcel No. 0531-212-08-0000).

      Cellular companies have a history of targeting cellular transmitters upon church properties because churches are usually in financial need and many already have tall spires or bell towers wherein cellular equipment can be attached.  The greed doesn't exist with poor churches alone; even the Roman Catholic Church has succumbed to the revenue of cell tower rent.

"Built God a church and laughed His word to scorn."
                            —   William Cowper

      Church property is especially ironic.  The only time in the Christian Bible that Jesus went seemingly berserk was when an area dedicated to God was being used for a commercial purpose.  Woe to those who violated the outer area of the Temple.

      Nowadays, we have something far worse.  Cell towers upon church property are not only highly commercial, but they are the transmitters of vile Internet pornography into the homes of a community; even kids' smartphones.

      And who is profiting from the distribution of the porn?  Many are those who claim to be the representatives of God Himself.  Woe to those (and their church supporters) who commit such a abomination as using land that is dedicated to God for such a depraved purpose.

Judas' thirty pieces of silver were cleaner.

This 100 foot tall cross at Epiphany Lutheran Church,
in Lake Worth, Florida, conceals equipment for T-Mobile.

      Another cell tower target for the placement of cell towers have been schools whose school districts can always use the extra income.  Often, a cell tower has been placed in the corner of an athletic field where school zoning is less restrictive than residential a few feet away.  But many schools will not accept cell towers over the fear of the radiation and the electric magnetic field that cell towers create.

      Known widely as EMF, electric magnetic fields are suspected by some researchers to cause a form of cancer.  An indepth study in Sweden a number of years ago, as well as other research studies since, have raised an alarm over the safety of cell towers and other electrical equipment generating EMF near humans.  Because EMF impact upon the cellular structure of humans isn't fully understood; such as how much accumulative EMF is safe, it will probably be decades before EMF, like it was for radiation, is better understood.

      In the mid-1950's, X-rays were considered so safe that many Buster Brown shoe stores in American had X-ray machines that buyers could stick their feet into the bottom of to view a live X-ray of their feet inside their shoes for fitting purposes.  The machines provided a high dose of radiation.  People are often too quick to embrace new technologies before the long term health consequences are known.

      The new proposed cellular tower for Newberry Springs is expected to have a relatively strong electric magnetic field and radiation output.  Some cellular equipment is rated for short coverage.  They are connected onto short poles or buildings.  Their range is usually less than 3-miles.  Tall pole cellular transmitters, like the proposed, can ramp-up to cover a radius beyond 15 miles and they naturally creates an exponentially far higher and potentially dangerous long-term exposure of radiation and EMF for nearby citizens.

      Safer, lower powered cell towers can be scattered and built within Newberry Springs but Verizon has obviously chosen the cheaper route of a high power blaster, ignoring the potential future harm upon citizens.

      The cellular site will probably be linked by microwave.  Anyone with satellite receiving equipment directly under the microwave beam could have their signal interferred with.

Telestyle: a steel structure decorated with colored glass, in Piazza Matteotti, Treviso, Italy, illustrates how a cell tower can be an attractive landmark for a community.

      At the time of this posting, a telephone call to the Newberry Community Church for comment has not been returned in nearly 24 hours.

      In speaking with Oxso Shahriari of the county's planning department, Verizon was initially considering a 120-foot tall structure; so Shahriari indicated that Newberry should be happy with a 97-foot tower.  Shahriari further stated that notices have been previously sent to the neighboring parcels within 1000 feet.  Like the recent solar plant notices, most of the parcels belong to absentee landowners who are not living in Newberry Springs.

      According to Shahriari, the proposal has the support of the Newberry Community Church and no opposition has come from the community.  When questioned, Shahriari acknowledged that the Community Service District has not been notified and that under California law such is not required.  He stated that the fire department had O.K.'d the plans; but upon further inquiry by the Blotter, he acknowledged that it was the county's fire department and not the local Newberry Springs Volunteer Fire Department that has local fire jurisdiction.

      In short, the Blotter has learned that the county's Land Use Services Department is once again in the process of permitting a major stucture within Newberry Springs without the courtesy of alerting the community.  The Blotter only learned of this project when contacted by a supporter who had stumbled across a public notice that was printed in the San Bernardino Sun's June 30, 2013 edition.  The San Bernardino Sun is a newspaper that is not distributed nor circulated within Newberry Springs.

      The question arises as to why the Newberry Community Services District board of directors is not on top of this matter; nor the local Chamber of Commerce.  Apparently, neither are even aware of it.  After many months of development, why are we only now learning of this 9-days before the final planning meeting?  The county needs to STOP making decisions on these projects that impacts our community without first conferring with the community.  The county planning department does not represent open and transparent government.

      If the Newberry CSD board cares about the community and its citizens, it should call an Emergency Special Meeting, without stipend, and quickly adopt a resolution to the county opposing this huge cellular proposal until the community can provide its input.  Constructive notice has not been adequately served upon the community; although the Sun's notice probably meets the poor legal standard.

      Shahriari referenced a county website that contains all county projects.  This cell tower project however does not have 'Newberry Springs' stated on the index so a search of county's website would not have led to discovery of this project.

      A final planning hearing to approve the permitting is scheduled for July 11, 2013 at 9 A.M. before a Zoning Administrator in the Yucca Room at the county's main office building in San Bernardino.  The distance from Newberry Springs to the hearing location, and the hearing time, will likely prevent most opposing citizens from Newberry Springs from participating.

Initial study.

Notice of Availability and Intent.

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