Special CSD Meeting Does Little
∗  Route 66 Plan Offers Economic Hope  ∗

Newberry CSD juggles its accounts to pay its bills.
Newberry Springs has a big stake in Route 66 plan.

Posted: February 9, 2014

      Feeling the pinch of over $18,000 in legal fees being due, and not having established the funds to pay most of it, the Newberry CSD board called yet another Special Meeting on February 5, 2014 to deal with the deficit and to ponder the establishment of new CSD office space.

      The legal billing issue started off with Director Robert Shaw stating that he had reviewed the billing and that he had found no irregularities with it.  The attorney's hourly fee is $250 per hour (same as the 5 board members total meeting stipend).  Shaw further stated that he found where the attorney elected not to bill for some of his time; but he stated that he was disappointed that not more had been accomplished for the billing amount.

      The board then started discussing raiding money from different CSD accounts to pay the bill.  Le Hayes, the recently hired CSD General Manager, interjected that it is not the board's function to shuffle funds around but the general manager's in consultation with the CSD treasurer.  The board agreed that the general manager and treasurer would determine funding sources and report a proposal at the next board meeting.

      The board further discussed various options on vacating the current CSD offices that do not meet county code and are not ADA compliant.  It was decided to have a county representative visit the Community Center and evaluate whether some of the board's relocation ideas are viable under county code.

      Those were the only two agenda items for the Special Meeting.  (Cha-ching!  Why should volunteers for public service raid the treasury for self enriching stipends?)

Route 66 Corridor Management Plan

      Ted Stimpfel, speaking on the behalf of the California Historic Route 66 Association (CHR66A), spoke to the board requesting that they reschedule their February 25, 2014 general board meeting; and that they use the time to attend a Route 66 Corridor Management Plan 'Scoping' meeting that is being held at the Fred Harvey House in Barstow, February 25 at 6 P.M.

      The Barstow meeting was described as being highly important to Newberry Springs as the Corridor Management Plan (CMP) is establishing the perimeters of a National Scenic Byway designation being established upon the Route 66 segment from the Colorado River through Barstow.  The Barstow meeting will introduce the CMP to the public and solicit the public's input.  Residents and civic groups of Newberry Springs are strongly urged to attend.

      Stimpfel informed the board that many communities, in other states, that have acquired a National Scenic Byway designation through their community, have found the designation to be a strong economic driver for the revitalization of their community.  The designation attracts foreign and domestic tourists in significant numbers, and commercial investors.  Grants are also available for the preservation of adjacent historical properties of National Scenic Byways.  He further stated his belief that Newberry Springs needs to participate at the Barstow meeting to achieve the best benefit.

      The board indicated that they would not reschedule their meeting but that possibly two board members might attend the CMP meeting leaving the remaining three constituting a quorum for their regularly scheduled board meeting.

      Stimpfel further stated that the day following the Barstow CMP meeting, February 26, 2014, the Newberry Springs Community Alliance, in cooperation with the BLM and the California Historic Route 66 Association, is sponsoring a public informal discussion at the Newberry Community Center at 1 P.M. with the writer of the CMP, from Alexandria, Virginia.  This informal discussion will be different in content than the Barstow meeting, and will center specifically on Newberry Springs.  Attendance at both meetings was recommended.

      For those unable to attend the public meetings, on Thursday, February 27, a repeat of the Barstow meeting will be held at the Needles High School, in Needles, California at 6 P.M.  Earlier that Thursday afternoon, February 27 at 1 P.M., there will also be a Web-based meeting to provide an additional opportunity for those who are unable to make any of the meetings in person.

      For more information on the Corridor Management Plan, contact Doran Sanchez at the BLM Barstow Field Office: (760) 252-6030.  For more information on the Newberry Springs informal discussion meeting, contact the Newberry Springs Community Alliance at: NSCA e-mail.

Route 66 Corridor Management Plan Calendar
Barstow Corridor Management Plan meeting:   Barstow Harvey House  • February 25 • 6 to 8 P.M.
Newberry Springs CMP informal meeting:         N.S. Community Center • February 26 • 1 to 2 P.M.
BLM Corridor Management Plan Webinar:        See registry link below   • February 27 • 1 to 2 P.M
Needles Corridor Management Plan meeting:   Needles High Cafeteria • February 27 • 6 to 8 P.M.

Corridor Management Plan overview
California Historic Route 66 Association
BLM News Release
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