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$2 fer $1 Special

Campaign resumes after short delay.

April 11, 2013

Stock photo of Calvin Owens at the December 18, 2012 CSD Board meeting.

    After a short delay, the fundraising campaign for a Newberry Springs emergency first responder has resumed.

    The Newberry Springs Community Alliance is continuing its efforts to participate in a community effort to compensate a local volunteer firefighter for training expenses for which there were earlier expectations of reimbursement.

    Community donations that are passed through the Community Alliance collection will be matched by a generous community supporter $1 for $1, up to $350 maximum.  To clarify, there are marching funds, for a short term, up to an amount of $350.  A stipulation is that donations must come from the community, not a member of the Owens family.

    This is an opportunity to support important training for a member of our fire department; and in doing so, the community of Newberry Springs that needs trained first responders on its fire department.

    To avoid some earlier concerns that delayed the campaign, those interested in making a donation, and having their donation matched, are requested to telephone (760) 257-9900.

    The matching offer runs until April 20, 2013, or before if the $350 in matching funds runs out.

    The Newberry Springs Community Alliance is acting as a media facilitator in the promotion of this service.

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