Citizens Voice Strong 'No!'
To CSD Consolidation

The Silver Valley High School hosted the public meeting on CSD consolidation inside the school's gymnasium.

What is it about 'No!' that LAFCO doesn't understand?

Posted December 11, 2014

      Citizens of Daggett, Newberry Springs, and Yermo turned out collectively in force Wednesday night, December 10, 2014, to mock the county's Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) staff's attempt to consolidate the three communities service districts.

      After a lengthly Power Point presentation of different possible consolidation alternatives, backed by LAFCO's supportive financial analysis, a question and answer period was held.

      One public questioner after another was critical of any consolidation; the only relief was one who recognized that LAFCO staff was bringing to the table options for consideration.  The audience however was overwhelming critical of LAFCO staff's recommendation for consolidation; with statements that LAFCO's staff were city folks that lacked an understanding of rural living.

      LAFCO's staff has strongly recommended that all three Community Service Districts be consolidated for efficiency; or in the alternative, at least Daggett and Yermo.  The public however has strongly favored maintaining the status quo and the individuality of each community's governance, believing that citizens would have closer ties to their representatives.

      LAFCO staff's continued attempts over the years to consolidate the CSDs have resulted in costly exercises in futility.  A couple of speakers from the audience stated the public funds expended could have been better spent in training CSD directors to better understand and perform their jobs.

      There are several procedural steps that would need to be taken should the attempt for consolidation continue.  It is highly unlikely that any consolidation will occur as the final step is approval by the registered voters of the CSDs who have repeatedly voiced their opposition to any form of consolidation.

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