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Posted: July 10, 2020
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
Blog by Ted Stimpfel

    In a SPECTACULAR demonstration of stupidity, the Newberry CSD directors Robert Springer, Paula Deel, Jack Unger, Victoria Paulsen, and Larry Clark performed the ultimate sellout of the Newberry community.

    All five of the CSD directors unanimously agreed to betray the community and settle the CSD's litigation against the County regarding the Daggett Solar Power Project.

    The CSD's treachery will collectively cost Newberry Springs' residents many tens of millions of dollars in their property value and create an unforgiving carcinogenic silica dust hazard that may cost the shortening of many lives.  Most at risk will be the elderly, the community's young children, and those who are already sensitive receptors.

    The fears that have been long forecasted by this blog came true when the board cowardly held a secretive meeting on July 7, 2020, with their attorney in a closed electronic session.  General Manager Jodi Howard altered the normal pre-announcements of the meeting so that the public was not given timely notice as required under the Brown Act.

    Recognizing the poor leadership of the CSD, this blog site has been long fearful that the CSD directors might sell out to the billion-dollar-plus solar project for something like a meager $10-million in mitigation damages.  This would be a very low figure that could be acquired but one that would provide for the costs of Director Jack Unger's proposed new civic hub.

    Unbelievably, according to the July 7, 2020, drafted meeting Minutes (below), the asinine board members, Robert Springer, Paula Deel, Jack Unger, Victoria Paulsen, and Larry Clark soldout the community for a mere $200,000 and some very worthless Project set-back alignments and unenforceable language on dust control.

    What the CSD fools are reportedly settling for is malfeasance against the CSD as it is against the citizens of Newberry.  It is shocking that the CSD's attorney, Mike Gatto of Los Angeles, would have allowed the CSD to have been so terribly overplayed.

    The CSD directors will now be trying to further dupe the community by claiming that they have negotiated a great settlement.  That it was the best under the circumstances.  They will undoubtedly expect an ignorant community to praise their brilliance.  (Excuse me while I puke.)

These CSD clowns should be run out-of-town on the next railcar (preferably towards Needles).

    At this point, I am going to stop writing this particular blog in fear of writing what I truly think about the CSD directors and their General Manager, Jodi Howard.

    Next Monday, July 13th, registration sign-ups will begin for candidates for two Newberry CSD office seats currently occupied by Paula Deel and Larry Clark.

    Let's replace these two with intelligent people who will represent the interests of Newberry's residents.

    I will be endorsing one candidate that will be running but we need one more.

    If interested in running, please feel welcome to contact us for possible support.

    Should you have any comments on the CSD's board surrender, please tell us here.

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