Bozos Sabotage CSD
Despite Vast Improvements
Losers in the community can't stand to see others succeed.

Posted:  September 10, 2015

A few Bozos are still impacting CSD.

    The Newberry CSD (Community Service District) has had a past history of mismanagement and malfeasance. The recent Grand Jury probe of 2013-2014 found pages of problems.

    The LAFCO's (Local Agency Formation Commission) seizure upon the problems in 2014 to encourage the disbanding or consolidation of the Newberry CSD was understandable and justified.  The CSD's earlier board members didn't understand the scope of their job, their duties, responsibilities, and procedures.

    Likewise, the previous general managers of the Newberry CSD were limited by the fear of losing their job if they tried to reign in the renegade boards' overreaching and constant micromanagement.  The General Manager's job is to run the daily functions of the CSD while the Board's job is to set policy and oversight.

    The only thing that saved the CSD and gave the licensing LAFCO some confidence in Newberry was the CSD's astute hiring of Le Hayes as General Manager.

    From his many years as the G.M. of the Baker CSD, Hayes brought a high degree of knowledge, experience, and professionalism to the Newberry CSD.  As a good-looking, conscientious, and cheerful Dudley Do-Right for Newberry, Hayes foiled LAFCO's attempt to railroad the CSD's demise.

    One would think that the skills that Le Hayes brought to the Newberry CSD would be praised and welcomed by all.  But we're talking about Newberry Springs.  Problematic habits by a minority of the CSD board members, who were part of the previous difficulty, haven't changed.  They don't appear to be capable of necessary rehabilitation.

    Rather than working with Hayes and learning, Director Robert Vasseur has continued his general grumpiness, as previously reported; and he continues to attack Hayes with verbal tirades, even attempting to acquire the support of other board members to fire Hayes.  Vasseur has been encouraged by the support of Director Robert Shaw who has also been critical as an inappropriate micromanager.

    Constructive dissent among board member can be helpful and beneficial when justified; but the motivation for the Neanderthal-type attacks against Hayes appears to be petty envy.  When board members can't separate their lingering emotional frustrations from CSD business, the community suffers.

Annonymous letter to LAFCO.

    Also undermining the CSD is a recent unsigned letter (right) that was annonymously mailed to LAFCO and the press by a cowardly dissident who didn't sign a name. 

    The letter alleges that nearly $57,000 is under estimated in the budget and the letter purports to be sent by two directors; however, there is no evidence of a two person conspiracy; nor did the author of the report substantiate any of the contained allegations.

    What does exist is very strong evidence that a woman is principally responsible, with a second woman being knowledgeable of the activity; neither are part of the CSD board.  That is not to imply that one or two Directors on the board didn't participate in sending the letter as the letter implies.  That implication isn't documented and may lead to a D.A. investigation of fraudulent impersonation of elected officials.  This matter could become very interesting depending upon the results of the November election and who thereafter sits on the board.

    Kerri Zurcher, Treasurer of the Newberry CSD has responded with a strong denial (below) of the undocumented attack; however, the annonymous letter has tarnished Newberry and did make it into a recent LAFCO letter to Robert Springer, CSD President; the CSD Board; Le Hayes, CSD G.M.; and Ron Frame, First District Field Representative.

Kerri Zurcher, CSD Treasurer, response letter.



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