Supervisor Robert Lovingood
leaves reflection for Newberry

Posted: November 2, 2020
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

Two people in public office.

    As the county's First District supervisor, Robert Lovingood is headed out-the-door.  IMHO, it can't shut hard enough behind him.  Under his watch, the corruption within San Bernardino County has continued to fester.  He has used it to his advantage.

    I initially voted for Lovingood.  I had naive high hopes that he would be different than his predecessors, but he disappointed me.

    Lovingood's last letter to his constituents, posted Friday, October 30, 2020, highlights some information that I would like to share.

    For many years, I frequently attended a monthly meeting in Barstow of the CSD directors from different communities.  Sometimes a manager or representative from the county road department would attend.

    Regularly attending were CSD representatives from Barstow Heights, Daggett, Yermo, Helendale, and Newberry Springs.  These meetings were luncheons where CSD activities were discussed.

    Sometimes attending from Newberry Springs were Paula Deel with sometimes her sidekick, CSD director Victoria Paulsen.  Occasionally, Ellen Johnson would attend.

    I was often impressed with reports from Helendale telling of projects moving forward.  Paula Deel would take notes and would provide a short report at the following Newberry CSD board meeting.  But then nothing would happen from the Newberry CSD with the information.

    Despite hearing about what was improving elsewhere, the lazy Newberry CSD directors and the General Manager would never get off of their butts and do anything.

    Below is a portion of Robert Lovingood's letter.  It shows what a CSD can do for a community.  When you read what Helendale has accomplished, ask yourself why Paula Deel, the other directors, and the General Manager are not providing similar improvements for Newberry?

    Newberry needs motivated people.

    BTW, Lovingood's fails to mention Helendale's relatively new water park.

    Anyone interested in exploring a possible legal action against the CSD's entities is welcomed to contact us through  If legal action is ever filed, only those participating may receive a benefit.

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