Large Palm Tree Is Dumped! 

Posted: April 30, 2023
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

Investigative Report

    We have all seen dumped tires and an occasional couch littering the roadside, but now a cut palm tree stem weighing thousands of pounds has been dumped. Who is so brazen to trash Newberry Springs with something so large?

    The remains of the palm tree is on Quarry Road at National Trails, across the street from the Shell station and the Subway Sandwich shop.

    After a resident brought the dumping to my attention and suggested it as a news blog, I decided to investigate.

    Putting on my flashy private investigator's cap, I was soon at the scene of the crime. Yes, there it was. The county road department had already placed barricades around it. I got my cell phone camera out and started to document the evidence.

    The top portion of the palm tree has an indentation where a strap or other binding appears to have been wrapped around the tree. Apparently, the tree had been dragged.

    A suspicion that the tree may have been dragged is evidenced by a drag trail behind the tree.

Following the drag trail, it leads behind the Shell station.

The trail ends and goes cold adjacent to the propane
tank and shaved palm bark.

    A drag trail from the propane tank leads to the tree's mortal remains. Taking my private investigator's cap off, I had to file this cold case as another unsolved mystery of Newberry Springs.

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