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  'Kelly's' Shell Station Applies  
  To The County To Develop Into  
  A Major Truck Travel Center  

Posted: June 6, 2024
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

    If the frequent crime, noise, truck fumes, and alleged prostitution aren't enough for Newberry Springs at the Truck Stop at I-40 and Fort Cady, the same operators have applied to the County to greatly expand their operation at their other Newberry site.

    Better known locally as Kelly's, the expansion plans are to have up to 63 tractor/trailer parking spaces, parking for 54 cars, truck fueling, a convenience store, truckers' lounge, multiple indoor food options, showers, etc. There will be bays for tire sales and installation, lube services, and sales of miscellaneous parts.

    The development plans include parcel numbers: 0531-041-15, 0531-041-16, 0531-041-24, 0531-041-25, 0531-041-26, 0531-041-33, 0531-041-35, and 0531-041-36.

    According to documents acquired through a Public Records Act request filed with San Bernardino County by the Newberry Springs Community Alliance, the project includes the following.

Brief description of proposed use:

    The project will provide for a Commercial Travel Center. It will include a Convenience Store with a Food Court for 5 Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs) sale of limited Vehicle Supplies, Restrooms, and a Drivers Lounge Facility. The building will enclose approximately 9,977 sf. A Truck Service Building of approximately 7,365 sf is a part of the Travel Center Development along with fuel dispensing for trucks and automobiles under the associated canopies. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Overnight Truck Parking are a part of the Project.

    The Project is located on approximately 8.54 acres, as combined with all lots, at the Southeast corner of I-40 and National Trails Highway. It is comprised of several lots, all currently zoned General Commercial (GC). The property is a largely vacant desert with an existing C-Store and Gas Station on the Northwest corner of the Property.

Logistics (Truck trips, hours of business, parking, number of employees, etc.):

Delivery Truck Trips:
Delivery (store).... 1/Day
Delivery (fuel)...... 1/Day
Hours of Business: (QSRs) - 6 AM to 10 PM
Hours of Business: (fueling and C-Store) - 24 Hours / Day
Employees per shift: 8
Customer load: 70 Trucks /day, 45 Cars /day

Goals and Objectives:

    The Objective is to Rezone the Property from General Commercial (GC) to Service Commercial (CS) with a Minor Use Permit / Conditional Use Permit (MC) as required by the San Bernardino County Code of Ordinances, Title 8, Division 2, Chapter 82.01. This will allow a complete Travel Center Facility for trucks and automobiles.

    This is yet another secret development where a developer has failed any community outreach. There are many community concerns and negative impacts regarding a huge Truck Stop bottling up the No. 1 entrance to Newberry Springs.

    There has been local conversation about acquiring a County planning overlay to pattern future structural design along Route 66 to embellish the architecture of the 1930s. Having a huge modern commercial Truck Travel Center at the main tourist entrance to Newberry would kill the attraction for other businesses to establish themselves in Newberry along Route 66.

    Truck Stops bring many unsavory problems to communities and in reading the Yelp reviews for the developer's Ft. Cady's station, the operation is, well, allegedly a dirty one. And, as for being a good neighbor, their sneaky past practices are not what Newberry needs.

    Fortunately, the proposed plan as presented requires a zoning modification. The community will have an opportunity to voice its opposition.

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