Kathleen Ridler Resigns From
Newberry Community Service District

CSD turnovers are rampant.

Posted:  November 9, 2013

      Kathleen Ridler has resigned from her position as a director of the Newberry Community Service District effective November 1st.

      The surprising resignation came despite her temporary term that ends next month.  Without an explanation given in her termination letter, some feel that it may be a form of protest over the current direction of the board that is run by president Robert Royalty.

      With director Diana Williams not attending the board meetings due to on-going recovery from a very serious physical injury, the board is now down to a bare minimum quorum of three, Robert Royalty, Wayne Snively, and Paula Deel.

      A Special Board Meeting has been called for Tuesday night, November 12, 2013 at 6 P.M.  Viewing the agenda, there appears to be a possible employee removal planned.  Although no name(s) can be released due to confidentiality requirements, it is interesting to note that the agenda also deals with a request by the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) to meet with CSD representatives from the three communities of Newberry Springs, Daggett, and Yermo.  (Agenda Number 4E.)

      LAFCO's request to the Newberry CSD is to have its General Manager, Peter Porritt, in attendance.  Yet, Agenda Number 4E at the bottom of the agenda, states that Jodi Howard will meet in place of Peter Porritt.  This appears to be in anticipation that Porritt may not be in his official capacity when the meeting takes place.

      Last June's Grand Jury Report was critical that the Newberry CSD recycles personnel so quickly that management continuity is lost.  In just the last 11-months, Robert Seeley, Board President, resigned (Dec. 2012); Kathleen Ridler elected to board (January 2013); Thomas Stickley, Interm Fire Chief, fired (February 2013); Paulette Marshall, General Manager, resigned (May 2013); Peter Porritt was then appointed General Manager; Calvin Owens, Board director, resigned (July 2013); Calvin Owens, volunteer firefighter, fired (August 2013); Kathleen Ridler, Board director, resigned (October 2013).

      This all plays well into LAFCO's expected call to consolidate the Newberry CSD with Daggett and/or Yermo; or simply to return the Newberry CSD's services back to the county.

      The Newberry CSD has little defensive argument against such.  The CSD's own ineptness, actions and inactions have proven LAFCO's reasoning.

      Newberry Springs would have its current CSD's service better managed by the county.  However, Newberry Springs could prosper much faster under a properly managed CSD; unfortunately, past CSD boards haven't had the wisdom to unite and bring in proper development management.

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