Posted: October 30, 2022
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

    This coming November 8th, voters will once again have an opportunity to elect their public officials.  In the past, they have usually failed it get it right.

    While the emphasis is usually on the national and state level offices, often overlooked are the local offices that can have a major impact on our lives.

    For Newberry Springs, an example is the Newberry CSD in which the director seats are usually not filled by people recognized for their competence, but rather by friends or acquaintances.

    In short, the Newberry CSD is generally run by incompetent people who bring us a mismanaged governmental organization that snuggles up with the likes of Clearway Energy.

    For the community's newly revamped ballpark, the local CSD has acquired from Clearway Energy a scoreboard sign, and recently, $15,000 in cash from Clearway to erect it.  The ballpark will also be graced, for at least one year, with a banner thanking Clearway Energy for its gracious contributions to our community.

    The CSD also acquired a donation from Blattner Energy, Clearway's contractor, to level the ballfield.

    For many Newberrians who have greatly suffered severe health and financial injuries from Clearway Energy's construction, praising and honoring Clearway is an abomination.

    The mismanagement of the CSD offers so much for the residents to puke on.  The meetings are far too long because the CSD president, Robert Springer, fails to run the meetings according to Robert Rules of Order.

    Rather than the directors voting on presentations that are prepared and presented by the General Manager and staff, the directors regularly engage in doing the introduction and the background preparatory work of proposals during the general meetings.  This drags the meetings on for ungodly hours.

    As illustrated by the September 2022, Minutes,

directors, like Jack Unger, are stepping in and doing the General Manager's, Jodi Howard's, job tasks.  Jack Unger has no business taking it upon himself to personally speak with an insurance carrier.  That is the GM's job.

    Whether or not an individual Board member has confidence in the General Manager's capabilities, an individual director's ego shouldn't be butting in.

    Proposals for board action should first be handled by staff and developed before being presented to the Board.

An ineffective fiddling Nero
while Newberry suffers.

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