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  Isn't Coming  

Posted: July 26, 2023
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

Newberry CSD's payment
didn't make it in time.

    Despite best efforts, Newberry's attempt to purchase the fire engine lost out to another purchaser who flew in to make the purchase ahead of Newberry.

    Meanwhile, Newberry Springs Fire is now searching for another fire engine.

    At the Newberry CSD's board meeting on July 25, 2023, a new General Manager was sworn in. Raised in Barstow and now living in Yermo near Eddie World, she is Kayleen E. Vanek, 32.

Kayleen Vanek is sworn in as General Manager by Director Unger.

    Vanek is married and has four children. She has previously drabbled as a Realtor (Oasis Realty Group) and is excited about her role as Newberry's new General Manager.

    Rose Beardshear, President of the Newberry Springs Chamber of Commerce, has spearheaded a major grant application for Newberry Springs. The application requires a preferred governmental lead applicant, and Beardshear has selected the Newberry CSD.

    If the application is successful, the CSD directors will step in to control it and will likely take full credit for achieving the community's benefits. However, those with knowledge of the situation know that the application and any funds derived for community improvement are due to Beardshear, who introduced the grant and who has been the principal grant writer.

    Beardshear's efforts to secure the grant are commendable. She has worked tirelessly to put together a strong application that may benefit the entire community.

    The Newberry CSD board has been a past failure at any major community improvement. The board can spend money but it does not have the savvy to attract major funding.

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