Newberry CSD
2013 Election To Be Held Early

February 12, 2013

Caution.  The Newberry CSD election is sooner than you think.

Filing Deadline Coming Soon!

      When Kathleen Ridler acquired Robert Seeley's vacated Communiry Service District seat in January, it was stated that the term would be until the November election.  The Newberry Springs Community Alliance has recently learned that November is not when the next CSD election is.

      According to San Bernardino County's Registrar of Voters, the election for the three seats on the Newberry CSD board that are currently held by Wayne L. Snively, Diana Williams, and Kathleen Ridler, will be held on August 27.  The election will be solely by mail-in ballot.

      As nothing has been said about this early election, it is as though some people hope that the approximate one-month window period that runs from May 6 to May 31, to file one's candidacy papers, will pass before the word publicly gets out.

      The candidacy filing period could be extended to June 5 if a currently seated director whose term is expiring does not refile, according to the Registrar's office.

      During the last CSD election, one potential candidate reportedly missed the filing window.  To avoid that happening to others (including our foes), the Newberry Springs Community Alliance is spreading the word and encouraging public participation in the electoral process.  The greater diversity and participation in our political structure, the stronger our community will be.

      Candidates must be 18 years of age and a legally registered voter in Newberry Springs, California.  Intelligence is not required.

      The time to consider running for the Newberry CSD board, or encouraging others, is now.  As of this publication date, candidacy filing is less than 12 weeks away.

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