For Newberry Springs residents.

Why this meeting is important to YOU!

      The plan being presented is massive, called the Mojave Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (Mojave IRWMP).  The plan involves much of the High Desert; but what is important to us is that it does INCLUDE and impacts Newberry Springs' future.

      There are multiple governmental agencies involved that are seeking planning input from Newberry Springs residents.  This plan is specifically targeting Newberry Springs as a challenged, disadvantaged community.

      It is very important that Newberry Springs be well represented by residents at this meeting as this water plan can open the door to financial assistance to property owners for water related needs, such as upgrading personal water wells.  It is important that residents attend, learn about the possible benefits, and stake a claim on that which might be available to them.

      The last plan was in 2004; the plan positioned various agencies' focus for a 10-year period.  That plan was the basis of $170-million in local, state, and federal funds being invested into the High Desert's water infrastructure.

      For the next decade, the Community Alliance would like to see a greater piece of the financial pie being directed to Newberry Springs.  Farmers in particular are impacted by this plan.

      Due to a lack of local leadership and activism, Newberry Springs has not faired well in the past.

      Newberry Springs can favorably position itself for future funding by a strong attendance at this meeting.  The community needs to step-up and participate in the planning if it is going to benefit from the program.

      For further information on the scope of this water plan, click here.

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