Where Has The Love Gone?
Soitec Wants To Move On

Soitec's Mountain View Road solar facility is reportedly offered for sale.

Newberry Springs appears victim of hit-and-run tactic.

October 4, 2013

      Soitec Solar Development, LLC, who said during the early stages of its county application for a building permit that it wanted to be a good neighbor to the Newberry Springs community, now appears to want to 'flip' the property now that the project is completed.

      This apparently has been Soitec's business game plan from the start.

      At least one outside party interested in the facility is known to have visited the site.  It is presumed that Soitec may offer an operation and maintenance package due to the nature of the beast.

      The Newberry Springs facility is operated electronically from Germany.

      Details of Soitec's alledged offer to divest itself of the Mountain View Road facility are not known.  A telephone inquiry to Soitec's office several days prior to the posting of this blog has not had the courtesy of a response.

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