2020 Newberry CSD Election
Final Results

Posted:  November 4, 2020
Updated December 2nd

    Following a wave of name familiarity in the community, Paula Deel has retained her seat on the Newberry CSD board.  Margie Roberts has edged out the second seat from Carmyn Vanlom by 9 votes.

    Paula Deel sits on the existing board that earlier this year voted to greenlight the devastating Daggett Solar Power Project that will forever decay the ambiance and the quality of life in Newberry Springs.

    The Daggett solar project will have a devaluating impact upon the local residential property values and will increase the airborne hazardous levels of carcinogenic silica dust that all Newberrians will have to breathe.

    Newberry Springs is becoming a respiratory toxic zone.

    Logically, Newberry voters should not have wanted to reward Paula Deel by reelecting her.  But then, Newberry is anything but logical.

    As construction of the solar facility advances during the next 5-years and additional acreage is added to the project, Newberry Springs will accelerate its downward spiral as an economically depressed residential community.

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