Newberry CSD's Treason      
  Censors Community's Voices  

Posted: June 27, 2020
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
Blog by Ted Stimpfel

    Harsh, unsavory headline, but as previously written, I don't sugar-coat the facts.  The headline is an understatement as readers will discover below.  A government overthrowing the People.

    When it comes to leadership, it is appalling that this community continues to elect such deficient, short-sighted, rogue representatives for the Community Services District.

    People who do not know better, don't know how to do better.

    This is especially true regarding CSD director Paula Deel who has been consistently on the wrong side of the community on so many past issues as previously documented in earlier blogs.

    This time ineffective Paula Deel, with her cohorts Victoria Paulsen, Jack Unger, and fellow board members Robert Springer and Larry Clark, have outdone themselves in their treachery against the community.

    Remember this earlier news blog photo of the February 25, 2020, CSD board meeting?  The community wanted the CSD's support to fight the Daggett Solar Project.  The CSD directors have now dry-gulched these voices.

    The CSD now appears to be seriously considering the possibility of settling the solar litigation.  The CSD directors are also pressing their repressive knee against the jugular of Newberry's residents so that the community members can not have a voice and that the CSD can acquire its dirty 30-pieces of silver.  Under the CSD's directors, Newberry can't breathe !

    But Newberry's residents must continue to breathe the truth of the community's devastation should the Daggett Solar Power Project be built.

    The CSD board of directors at one point were heros.  After a large turnout of residents that insisted that the CSD file litigation to protect the community (the residents' health and their investments), the board acted righteously.

    The CSD hired an attorney and litigation was filed.  Named in the filing were the "NEWBERRY COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT, a community services district; FRIENDS OF NEWBERRY SPRINGS, an unincorporated association, Plaintiffs and Petitioners."

    The "FRIENDS" in the litigation is clearly identified:

"Petitioner and Plaintiff FRIENDS OF NEWBERRY SPRINGS ("Friends" or collectively with NCSD as "Petitioners"), an unincorporated association, is an organization in San Bernardino County comprised of residents and property owners in Newberry Springs, dedicated to protecting quality of life and environmental health in the area.  Its members live, work, and recreate in and around the Project Site and would be affected by the Project.  Friends, and its members, are beneficially interested in and will be impacted by the outcome of the Project."

    At this point, the CSD board members were true champions in the eyes of the residents.  But then, the directors are too reckless and mindless to remain that way.

    Over-playing the stupidity of unnecessary secrecy, CSD president Robert Springer and the other board members have intentionally interfered and have prevented the residents from knowing what has been internally happening within the litigation.

    When disclosure best serves the Public's interest, California's Constitution requires public officials to openly disclose the Public's work that they perform on the Public's behalf.  There is no secret strategy sauce in the litigation that outweighs the Public's right to know.

    With the residents lacking information and highly sensitized over the potential collective loss of tens of millions of dollars in their property value, and with the associated health issues of the solar project, anxiety rose.  Especially, when president Robert Springer acknowledged during a board meeting that the idea of a sell-out settlement could be considered.

    With the naming of their "FRIENDS" organization in the filing, the residents expected to have an opportunity to present some input in the litigation that would have such an impact upon them.  After all, wasn't the litigation's purpose suppose to defend and benefit the residents?

    Then, at the February 25, 2020, CSD board meeting, CSD director Jack Unger ignited a firestorm when he announced the CSD's hijacking of the citizens' participation.  Egoist director Jack Unger publicly announced that the residents would not have any say and that he alone was the "FRIENDS OF NEWBERRY SPRINGS."

    At that point of censorship, any chemistry the CSD board had with the community was lost.

    The legality of Jack Unger's censorship to subvert the residents' participation is questionable as there is a direct legal conflict-of-interest in Unger representing both the CSD and the "FRIENDS."  Of course, Jack Unger's action was with the other CSD board members' full approval.

Recorded at the February 25, 2020, CSD Board meeting.
                              ~  From a March 1, 2020 blog.

    As repeatedly forecasted in my earlier blogs, the Newberry CSD directors appear to be leaning towards selling-out the community.  It is not because they have a weak case.  The fact is, the litigation has a fantastic likelihood of success as best outlined in Pat Flanagan's comments before the board on January 28, 2020.

    The CSD directors should be embracing the residents in a united front to protect Newberry Springs.  Instead, the CSD directors appear fixated in surrendering Newberry's property values, the health of its citizens, and the community's economic survivability to the solar industry's marauders, with the CSD's expectation of receiving a monetary settlement.

    To that end, the CSD doesn't want the community's FRIENDS to object and interfere by blocking a settlement.

    At a very short noticed Newberry CSD SPECIAL MEETING on May 12, 2020, the board went into a Closed Session and spoke via phone with the CSD attorney (who, by the filed Complaint, maybe later ruled as having owed a fiduciary obligation to the community's "FRIENDS").

    Returning from the Closed Session, the board headed by President Robert Springer refused to reveal anything, including the general nature of the meeting with the attorney.  Per the official Minutes of that meeting as signed-off by General Manager Jodi Howard, there was No Action Taken.  Yet, 9-days later, the CSD attorney filed papers dismissing the FRIENDS from the litigation.  An action the attorney would not have taken without the board's approval.

    As the community's residents wanted to have a say in their community's destiny, the CSD directors simply decided to remove them from the litigation to censor their voice.

    The actions by the CSD has opened a number of questions and potential liability.  The solar developer is reported to be now lining-up union workers to start the project.

    As of the time of this blog's release, we are about to enjoy the 4th of July.  The 4th is not so much about crazy fireworks as it is to commemorate the spirit of our country's forefathers fighting against a repressive government.

    I don't know of anything more repulsive should the CSD directors surrender our community for the greedy funding of their personal projects, such as Jack Unger's proposed civic hub or the Deel's NSEDA's farm that will be of little benefit to our then decaying community.


    Jack Unger's betrayal of his community that placed its trust in him is beyond reasonable comprehension.

    He appears possessed by the Newberry CSD's dark evil that lacks any moral compass.

    On July 13th, registration sign-ups will begin for candidates for two Newberry CSD office seats currently occupied by Paula Deel and Larry Clark.

    I am encouraged by one great candidate that will be running.  One more highly recognized resident supporting the PEOPLE is needed.

    If interested in running, please feel welcome to contact us for possible support.

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