San Bernardino County
Planning Commission Meeting
Policy 4.10  •  May 24, 2018

Provided courtesy of the Newberry Springs Community Alliance.
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00:00:00    Start
00:00:56    Invocation and Pledge
00:02:52    Advance Schedule
00:03:10    Director's Report & Comments
00:03:28    Hearing Introduction
00:04:33    Agenda Switch - Public Comment
00:05:17    Agenda Item #2 - Policy 4.10
00:05:58    Terri Rahhal, Planning Director, Land Use Services - Staff Report
00:33:58    Commissioners' Questions
                       41:23    TR - Benefits.
                       43:09    George Kenline
                       56:50    TR - Raymond Allard.
                    1:01:49    George Kenline - Mine closures.
                    1:02:55    Terri Rahhal - Previously disturbed definition.
                    1:04:05    Brown sites.

        1:06:29   Terri Rahhal - Fudging on the Board's direction.
(Supervisors did not ask TR for a competing policy.)

    "We did not receive specific directions from the Board of Supervisors to review, to not review, alternatives, they said bring this back to the Planning Commission, we want a recommendation.  In presenting it to you, you're going to get our best efforts at a recommendation on what to do with that policy for land use compatibility.  So we're definitely not restricting, you might recommend the original language, our proposed language, or some third option of your own."

    "Our staff wrote it (the Original 4.10), and here is where it came from.  When the Planning Commission heard the Element that didn't have 4.10 in it, there were a lot of comments about, you know, conficts in the communities, impacts upon communities, and we attempted to address that land use conflict issue by adding a policy to just try to narrow down where the points of disturbance were, the points of conflict, by saying well, let's avoid these areas, and at a minimum you might have to at least propose a zoning change to be able to have a project, and that would put you in the position as a developer to have to justify that.  And then, after further thought, what if the project is not in a community plan area, there may still be land use conflict issues. There still may be nearby residences, it is not really a solution to say where it can't go, if at the same time the applicant can just propose a change to that, instead of giving some actual direction on how to justify a project or show that it will not have an impact on people."

      1:09:43    Rahhal - Grandfathering In Of Existing Applications.

    "In the resolution of adoption that we presented to the Board of Supervisors, it included a provision that any applications that were already accepted prior to that date would be continued forward under the policies and regulations that were in place when we accepted the application.  That is what is typically done."


1:15:30    Commissioner Audrey Mathews - She has heard it all before.


1:17:55    Chris Clarke (Joshua Tree) - National Parks Conservation Assoc.
1:21:10    Rebecca Unger (Joshua Tree)
1:24:06    Ruth Rieman (Yucca Valley)
1:25:47    Joseph Bottari (Joshua Tree)
1:28:51    Dawn Davis (Joshua Tree)
1:31:24    Gayle Austin (Joshua Tree)
1:33:46    David Flick (Joshua Tree)
1:36:52    Tom O'Key (Joshua Tree)
1:40:05    Tina Bluefield (Landers)
1:43:27    Chuck Bell (Lucerne Valley) - Lucerne Valley EDA
1:46:52    Kenneth Lair (Apple Valley)
1:51:12    Ted Stimpfel (Newberry Springs)
1:53:52    Robert Vasseur (Newberry Springs) (Missing video picture)
1:56:37    Tim Mason (Berkeley - Large Scale Solar Assoc.) (Missing picture)
1:59:50    Vickie Paulsen (Newberry Springs) (Missing video picture)
2:02:27    Cynthia Charlton (Newberry Springs) (Missing video picture)
2:05:53    Robert Howells (West L.A. - Alliance for Desert Preservation)
2:08:19    Linda Parker (Solar industry on personal property rights.)
2:10:21    Daniel Brown (Victorville - IBEW 477)
2:11:28    Sean L. Swoboda (Lake Arrowhead - IBEW 477)
2:14:17    Jim Cashel (Sonoma, CA. - Harvard landowner)
2:16:05    Gwen Barker (Pioneertown)
2:18:58    Sarah Kennington (Pioneertown - Morongo Basin Conserv. Assoc.)
2:22:05    Judy Corl-Lorono (Yucca Valley)
2:24:11    Pat Flanagan (Desert Heights)
2:27:48    Tomas Ruiz (Local 783 • San Bernardino-Inyo-Mono Counties)
2:29:39    Jack Unger (Newberry Springs/Daggett)

Lunch Break

2:33:05    Dennis Marrison (Lucerne Valley)
2:36:30    Neville Slade (Apple Valley)
2:41:03    Brian Hammer (Adelanto)
2:44:19    Steve Bardwell (Pioneertown)
2:46:53    Sue Hammer (Adelanto)
2:50:01    Garey Creveling (Landers)
2:52:15    Laraine Turk (Joshua Tree) *****
2:55:38    Veronica Shaw (Newberry Springs)
2:58:04    Erica Zolezzi (San Francisco - First Solar)
3:01:14    Bill Perez (Riverside - IE Building Trades)
3:04:46    Glen Van Dam (Daggett)
3:08:05    John Zemanek (West L.A. - Alliance for Desert Preservation) *****
3:11:20    Steve Mills (Los Angeles)
3:14:20    Elaine Harris (Lucerne Valley) ***
3:17:14    Neil Nadler (Lucerne Valley)
3:20:28    Lee Risler (Lucerne Valley)
3:23:47    Wayne Vogel (Hesperia)
3:25:44    David Sikurski (Grand Terrace - IUOE Local 12)
3:26:58    Lorrie Steeley (Apple Valley) *****
3:30:21    Pamalla Barber (Newberry Springs)
3:33:50    Miriam Seger (Joshua Tree) *****
3:36:43    Bill Lembright (Lucerne Valley)
3:40:00    Faye Miller (Lucerne Valley)
3:42:37    Louis Kannenberg (Lucerne Valley)
3:45:15    Frank Francis (Lucerne Valley)
3:46:36    Marie Brashear (Lucerne Valley)
3:49:50    John Smith (Apple Valley)
3:53:18    Wayne Snively (Newberry Springs)
3:56:58    Charles Ballew (Redlands - IBEW 477)
4:00:21    Peter Whittingham (Rancho Santa Margarita)

Commissioners' Discussion

4:02:40    Commissioners

4:03:20    Terri Rahhal - Explains why she reached out to solar.

4:08:53    Commissioner Smith questions Terri Rahhal.  Aeolian winds.

4:12:11    Commissioner Mathews speaks her Commissioner statement.

4:15:13    Commissioner Allard questions Terri Rahhal.

4:20:20    Commissioner Smith references 40-page letter.

4:20:45    Commissioner Weldy comments - Concerns of solar development pressure - Grandfathering.
                4:22:25    Community plans are not backed up by zoning.
                4:23:42    Choices of action..

4:27:13    Commissioner Smith - Solar development problems & obsolesence.

4:31:34    Commissioner Weldy questions Terri Rahhal / Commissioner Smith
                4:31:44    Commissioner Smith - Aeolian soil.
                4:33:15    Rahhal - Site conditions.
                4:35:11    Commissioner Smith - Objectives.

4:36:40    Commissioner Mathews - Suggestions.

4:39:34    Commissioner Allard - Wrap of 4.10 and 4.1 options.
                4:40:55    Rahhal - CEQA Impacts (1) Avoidance, (2) Potential Mitigation, (3) Overriding Considerations - Policy 4.10 was meant to go beyond environmental.  Considerations and address land use impact and compatibility.

4:44:26    Commissioner Smith - Scenic Route Highways.

4:45:28    Commissioner Smith - 4.10 to preserve the quality of life for local people and to be a benefit.

4:48:20    Terri Rahhal - A scenic highway comes with a scenic plan.
                4:50:42 - Route 66 CMP.

4:51.19    Commissioner Allard - Seeks modification to Policy 4.10 - Some community plans are too large.  Wants compromising language.

4:54:35    Commissioner Smith - Rural living does include few residents.

4:56:28    Commissioner Mathews - Don't forget urban areas.

4:58:33    Commissioner Smith - Moves to accept Policy 4.10 as originally written.

4:59:21    Terri Rahhal - Option Exhibit B of adding existing facilities / Coordination with other agencies.

4:59:42    Commissioner Weldy seeks motion clarification.

5:03:52    Commissioner Weldy - Sums motion as including original Policy 4.10 and accepting modification to 5.2.

5:04:20    Terri Rahhal - Policy 5.9 - Collaborate with utilities, Cal. Energy Comm., & BLM.

5:05:48    Commissioner Smith - Rahhal on Policy 5.9: "Be part of solutions to that would move projects onto public lands to the extent possible to be away from unincorporated communities."

5:07:22    Terri Rahhal - Meaning of collaboration.  County preference is to move projects onto public lands.

5:09:41    Commissioner Allard - Uneasy about the size of RL and size of some community plans.

5:10:36    Terri Rahhal - "There are significant amount of lands that are designated Resource Conservation, there are also the option that someone could obtain a land use designation change if it is suitable to go from Rural Living to Resource Conservation."

5:11:34    Terri Rahhal - Zoning change for solar.  "But you have to meet certain location criteria, you have to have enough acreage, and you have to justify that the proposed use is appropriate for that location."

5:15:24    Commissioner Mathew - Seconds Commissioner Smith's motion.

5:18:13    Commissioner Weldy, based on Commissioner Allard's concerns, suggest Supervisors may want to loosen Rural Living scope as overbroad.

5:20:50    Chairman Weldy calls for vote.
                5:21:48    Original Policy 4.10 unanimously approved.

5:22:40    Adjournment

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