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Newberry CSD's Directors
Are Considering Traffic Signals
For Newberry Springs !

  Posted: July 26, 2021
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
Over 10 years of sharing the Love.
by Ted Stimpfel

Unbelievable!   Yet, another CSD bad fart !

    At the Tuesday, July 27, 2021, Newberry CSD board meeting, the directors will be considering a proposal spearheaded by Director Margie Roberts to have traffic lights installed at National Trails & Minneola Road, and National Trails & Newberry Road.

    Does anyone in their right mind believe that the traffic at either of these rural intersections warrants a traffic light?

    Yes, the leaders that the voters have empowered in Newberry are bizarre!

    What is it with the CSD directors' obsessive infatuation with Newberry's traffic?  Traffic isn't even within their allowed LAFCO purview.

    The County certainly won't entertain a traffic study so the idea will be dead-on-arrival and filed in the looney bin.

    Why is the feeble idea even being considered?  What substantiates the perceived need?  There obviously isn't any.

    The lack of critical thinking illustrates the directors' struggle with reality and why the Newberry CSD has failed in the advancement of Newberry.


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