Victorville - Las Vegas High-Speed
XpressWest Rail Project Jolted
By California High-Speed Rail Ruling

Ruling against California High-Speed Rail will impact proposed Victorville-Las Vegas project.
(Most California HSR illustrations blur-out the eyesore electrical cable supports for the trains.)

Court ruling on the California High-Speed Rail
has dealt a negative blow to the XpressWest proposal

August 21, 2013

      The high-speed train proposal between Victorville and Las Vegas has been dealt another crushing setback.  A California Superior Court judge has clobbered the California High-Speed Rail project with a major ruling that will significantly impact its feasibility to be built.

      A Sacramento court judge ruled that the California HSR project, that is planning high-speed rail tracks between northern California and San Diego, failed to meet environmental and funding requirements that were imposed by the California voters.  The ruling creates a major disruption in the project's timetable amounting to years that the project might not be able to recover from.

      Superior Court Judge Michael P. Kenny has scheduled a later hearing to consider how the violations of law might be remedied.  The $68-billion pork barrel project has been plagued by delays since the California voters voted in $9-billion for the project in 2008.  The environmental reports that the judge is demanding could take years in themselves to accomplish.

      The Victorville-Las Vegas XpressWest project, that was originally proposed to be built entirely with private funding, has been struggling unsuccessfully to acquire massive federal funds now necessary for its construction.  The Victorville-Las Vegas project is not considered to be financially sustainable.  However, the future possibility of the line later linking-up with the California High-Speed Rail at Palmdale does greatly add to the attractiveness for federal funding.  With that future Palmdale link now in question, the XpressWest proposal is far less attractive.

      If built, a Palmdale XpressWest link connecting with the California HSR would allow California HSR passengers, comprising of much of California, with high-speed rail access to Las Vegas.

      A portion of the XpressWest tracks would run along Interstate-15 just north of Newberry Springs.

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