Newberry Springs Elementary School
Goes Into Lockdown
On Report Of Armed Gunman

Halloween time and a full moon rising.

Posted: October 18, 2013

      The report by multiple students of seeing an individual wearing dark clothing and a spooky mask in a field adjacent the school resulted in the school reportedly notifying the Sheriff's Department of a suspect with a gun.  The school went into lockdown at 12 Noon that lasted until 1:45 P.M. on Friday, October 18.

      California Highway Patrol officers on Silver Valley Road cover the open field east of the elementary school.

      At the time of this reporting, the facts remain unclear.  Reports by some officers at the scene indicated the possibility of two armed subjects.  The Sheriff's media relations claimed only one subject was reported and that the individual was reported armed.

      Sheriff partol vehicles surround the front of the Newberry Springs Elementary School while some deputies searched the interior.

      The young children that saw the subject(s) reportedly gave conflicting statements on attire and whether the subject(s) was possibly armed.

      What resulted was a massive response by the Sheriff's Department with assistance from the California Highway Patrol.  At least ten Sheriff patrol vehicles, as far away as Apple Valley, responded with backup of four CHP vehicles.

      Officers at the gated entrance to the Newberry Springs fire station that is located just north of the elementary school.

      Officers with what appeared to be AR-15 and Ruger rifles, and shotguns, took positions around the adjacent field while other officers searched and cleared the school room by room.

      A Sheriff Department helicopter, as well as a CHP helicopter, searched from the air attempting to locate anyone hiding in the adjacent fields.

      No suspect was located.

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