Supervisor James Ramos
May Have A Drug Problem

      County Third District supervisor James Ramos currently faces assertions of a drug history that he and his office fails to refute under the claim that their comment on a "rumor" would make the assertion a prominent news item.  The assertion appears to be backed by far more than a mere rumor.

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February 16, 2015

      Not too many years ago, then Supervisor Bill Postmus was involved in running the government of San Bernardino County while on illegal drugs.  Now, strong assertions have surfaced that current Third District supervisor James Ramos may also be dueling a similar James Ramos addiction.

    Many county employees are required to take drug tests for their positions.  This raises the question as to whether all elected and appointed positions directing the county should also be routinely given a cup for drug testing.

    The Third District comprises the second largest geographical district of the county, and comprises such areas as Barstow, Big Bear, Colton, Grand Terrance, Highland, Mentone, Loma Linda, Oak Glen, Morongo Valley, Redlands, Twentynine Palms, Yucaipa, Yucca Valley, and a portion of San Bernardino.

    Although the Blotter must question some of Ramos' supervisorial decisions, they appear to have been based upon his dependency upon a poor and unprofessional county staff.  There has been no public indication that drugs have been involved.

    Nonetheless, an investigative report in the San Bernardino County Sentinel's February 13, 2015 edition lends a great deal of credibility to the assertion of a possible past drug addiction that may still be having an impact.

    The investigative report also covers alleged major drug activity upon the San Manuel indian reservation.  Large monetary payments by the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians to the county and the Sheriff's Department may have influenced the county's lack of fully prosecuting some alleged Mafia related drug activity involving some members of the San Manuel reservation.  Earlier, Ramos was the lead member of the San Manuel tribal council.

    The Sentinel is an incredible weekly news publication that deals largely with the politics of San Bernardino county.

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