Air Resources Board's Study
Suggests Unexpected Greater Health
Risk From Ultrafine Particulate Matter

  Posted: February 18, 2022
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by Ted Stimpfel

    For the last half-decade, I have been warning of the hazards of fine particulate silica dust.  The warnings have been to not only educate on the silica dust that is naturally blowing in the Mojave Valley but to also discourage additional silica exposures resulting from the dangerous and inappropriate placement of solar development.

    A part of my effort has included corresponding and speaking with the California Air Resources Board's staff on the health need of monitoring the Sand Transport Paths (STPs) in the Mojave Valley and the Morongo Basin for the ARB's pollution map.

    I have also been trying to have the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment have its CalEnviroScreen 4.0 map data recognize STPs.

    In fighting each solar project that targets the Mojave Valley, I have found that our highly corrupt County officials use the misleading mapping as a partial excuse to justify their discrimination and inequality of placing solar projects in our economically disadvantaged communities.

    But now, a recent medical study subsidized by the California Air Resources Board has found a correlation that ultrafine particulate matter, finer than PM 2.5, maybe a far greater health risk than previously believed when breathed in with common Ozone (O3).

    With the elevated exposure from the heightened cumulative silica dust from solar facilities, the health damage may be an exponential injury.

    On March 10, 2022, the CARB has scheduled a research seminar to cover the possible ramifications of the study.

A signup registration link for the research seminar
will be later posted here.


    Anyone who feels that the solar projects in the Silver Valley are (or will be) physically impacting their pulmonary function is encouraged to join our activist victims' group.  With sufficient numbers, we may be able to address this outrageous public harm.


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