Law Firm To Hold Community
Meeting On Newberry's Dust Injuries

  Posted: April 21, 2022
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
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by Ted Stimpfel

Toxic dust cannot be fully contained.
Legal sharks are beginning to circle.
Law firm to hold a community meeting
Saturday, June 23rd in Newberry.

Important Clearway Energy Update !

    Clearway Energy claims that silica dust will be fully controlled with soil binding stabilizers.  As revealed in my previous posts, that is untruthful when dealing with a 5.5-square mile project.  It may temporarily work by over saturating the soil but the long-term costs of maintenance are prohibitive.

    One only has to look at the experience that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has had with Owens Lake.  Over two billion dollars later, Owens Lake is still emitting dust.

    Below is a recent graph of the Mojave Valley's Purple Air monitors on a mild, breezy day.  While the overall valley was having relatively good air quality, the air directly downwind of the mowed solar land was significantly dirtier.

    What isn't being shown in the graph is the ultra-fine carcinogenic silica dust that the Purple Air consumer-grade monitors can't begin to detect.  This ultra-fine dust easily becomes airborne in slight breezes and will extend far into the "green" areas.

    In high winds, the ultra-fine silica dust can be lifted to high altitudes and travel through multiple neighboring states.  In everyday lite breezes, it insidiously mixes into the air that our lungs absorb and can lead to life-threatening diseases the of organs.

    The following is a small sampling of what is being posted on Facebook regarding the Clearway solar project:

    Another resident has complained about the gigantic transmission poles that are an awful eyesore and degrading to Newberry's rural lifestyle.  These heavy-duty poles appear to be possibly targeting future expansion into Newberry.

    For these tall structures, we can also thank the Newberry CSD board members Robert Springer, Paula Deel, Jack Unger, Victoria Paulsen, and former board member Larry Clark.  They had the power to stop the entire project, and in selling out the community, they could have at least required the powerlines to be placed underground as some other communities have required.

    But let's face it, Newberry Springs has historically voted into office incompetence and malfeasance.

    I have been advocating a community legal response, not only against Clearway Energy, the County, but also against our CSD and its individual board members.  After what transpired, we have had to wait for the foreseeable damages.

    I was delighted to see, a couple of days ago, a Channel 7 (KABC Los Angeles) newscast about Fontana.

For replay, refresh the page or

    As those who have been reading my news blogs know, I have been expecting that law firms will be ringing our doorbells looking for class action signups.  As I have stated, blowing silica dust will be the future replacement of tobacco industry class actions.  Tobacco and silica are both carcinogenic that damage the lungs and other organs.

    The first to come knocking is the law firm McCune,Wright, Arevalo, a local county-based firm HQ'd in Ontario, California.  While I am certainly interested in hearing their presentation, it is a much smaller firm than what I have foreseen in handling our matter.

    The fight however is not in the size of the dog but in its bite, so I hope that Newberry will provide a good, friendly turnout to hear their sales presentation.

    The messaging in the above announcement does not impress me.  This law firm so far does not seem to get it !  The principal damages are not from sand or sandstorms.  It is about ultra-fine silica dust.  We need a law firm that understands the basics of the involved legal issues.

    Anyone who feels that the solar projects in the Silver Valley are (or will be) physically impacting their pulmonary function is encouraged to join our activist victims' group.  With sufficient numbers, we may be able to address this outrageous public harm.


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