Grand Jury Report
Slams Newberry CSD

Report suggests LAFCO revisit 2009 consideration of
consolidating Newberry CSD with Yermo and Daggett.

June 28, 2013

      In a far greater condemnation of the Newberry Community Service District than was expected, the San Bernardino County Grand Jury released a highly researched and scathing report Friday, June 28.

      The Grand Jury's report found little right in the Newberry CSD's policies, guidelines, practices, and procedures.  The report noted the rampant procedural violations during meetings, improper bookkeeping and accounting, poor hiring practices and retention of records.  The 35 page report tears across the entire scope of the board's management, its office management, and training.

      The report comments on the arrogrance of the board's constant violations of the law, including the Ralph Brown Act that has been repeatedly written about in the Community Alliance's Blotter.

      With the report so negatively worded against the Newberry CSD's ability to meet minimum standards that are required by law, the Local Agency Formation Commission may likely push for a consolidation of the CSD with neighboring CSDs when the Newberry CSD will be coming up for its five year LAFCO review of performance in 2014.

Grand Jury's Newberry CSD report.
35 page, 1.2 MB file.
Allow time for download.
(This only contains the Newberry CSD portion of the Grand Jury report.)

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