CSD president Jack Unger holds a ceremonial check with Supervisor Dawn Rowe.

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Posted: July 17, 2023
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

Supervisor Dawn Rowe has marginalized Newberry's residents. Now she wants glory!

    This year, I did not attend the 3rd of July celebration at Newberry's park. I was nearby, available, but I was too disgusted at the event's promoters to attend. They are spoilers for many Newberrians.

    I side with the Newberry residents living in the northwest portion of the community. They have taken the brunt of Clearway Energy's destructive spread of carcinogenic silica dust and sand that has negatively impacted their health, their children, pets, livestock, property values, and lifestyle.

    When the value of their health is considered, these people have collectively lost millions of dollars. Those who could, have wisely moved elsewhere. But, they have suffered a financial loss.

    One would think that the Newberry CSD, the local Chamber, and even the Senior/Family Center representing respiratory-sensitive seniors, would have empathy. That they would be up in arms against the predator Clearway Energy. Instead, the directors of these organizations have embraced Clearway.

    Why?  It is simple. For the root of satanic evil... M O N E Y.

Clearway Energy is purchasing cheap respectability.

    The Newberry Springs Chamber of Commerce has turned a deaf ear to the injuries and suffering caused by Clearway Energy upon the residents of Newberry Springs.

    The Chamber has allowed Clearway funds to flow into the Chamber's treasury. This has greased the way for the Chamber's membership to vote Clearway into the Chamber as a respected member.

    This is an abomination. Clearway Energy has demonstrated that it doesn't give a damn about Newberry Springs, but for a few well-placed dollars, it can now substantiate to the federal and state project overseers, that their project is a good neighbor and welcomed in the Newberry.

    Likewise, for a few dollars, our stupid Newberry CSD Board of Directors has accepted money for a portable park scoreboard. For the crown, the scoreboard proudly thanks: CLEARWAY.

    The small amount of money that CSD director Mike Matson acquired by belly crawling to Clearway could have been acquired through grants that would have maintained some degree of CSD dignity.

    With all of the added airborne carcinogenic silica dust from Clearway, the subjection of our children to rigorous playground activities at the CSD park may be hazardous.

    The Senior/Family Center, another Newberry institution, has shamelessly taken money from Clearway for glaring exterior lighting.

    While some single residents will likely have tens of thousands of dollars in future medical bills from Clearway's carcinogenic dust, Clearway for only a fraction of that has been given the regulatory optics of being a responsible corporation.

    These Newberry organizations question why they lack followers. Perhaps it is because they don't represent the interests of many in the community.

    More about morally corrupt Dawn Rowe.

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