Will The GM Be Fired ? 

Posted: May 8, 2023
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel


  It has been reported that some days, Newberry Springs has a missing person. It is the CSD's General Manager.

  When she should be on duty working her job in Newberry, she has been reported collecting another paycheck working as the General Manager of the Daggett CSD.

  This simultaneous employment she proudly acknowledged to me a couple of months ago during a public CSD meeting. She challenged me that what she was doing is O.K. to do.

  Collecting two paychecks for the same time worked doesn't seem to settle well with some Newberry CSD directors.

  With the Daggett CSD competing for the very same grants as the Newberry CSD and when there are differences of opinion with the promotion of solar and other items, there are definitely conflicts of interest.

  Since the revelation of the General Manager's conflicts of interest, doubling-dipping paycheck, and her general inability of carrying out the policies and desires of the board of directors, the Newberry CSD board has been having an unusual number of secretive closed-session meetings.

  One can logically conclude that the closed sessions may have everything to do with their General Manager. One can also conclude that the toxicity of the General Manager's out-of-control actions of multiple employments has been stressing the directors.

  Another Newberry CSD Special Meeting and closed session has been publicly posted for Tuesday night, May 9th., at 6 P.M.

  My question is why wasn't she fired long ago? The board's aiding and abetting of the GM's continued employment has been contrary to good public policy.

  As I have previously opined, the General Manager has been an ineffective employee. She has not demonstrated the temperament, interpersonal skills, or wisdom necessary for the public position.

  She has alienated the Commodities volunteers, members of the public, and some of the directors of the board.

  The General Manager was hired by default after the passing of the previous GM, Le Hayes, after no one else applied for the poorly promoted position. She has served at the will of the board. That will appears to have ended.

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