Robert Seeley Resigns  
     From Newberry CSD    

Posted: December 19, 2012

Robert Seeley
Robert Seeley

      Robert Seeley, President, Director, and Park Liaison of the Newberry Community Service District announced his immediate resignation at the end of Tuesday night's December 18, 2012 general board meeting.

      The resignation was announced as being due to a career opportunity that necessitates Seeley moving from the community.

      The meeting had above average public attendance; however, some had left prior to the close of the meeting whereat Seeley made his resignation announcement.

      The meeting was also attended by four members of the county's Grand Jury that is believed to be investigating the efficiencies of the CSD's operations.

      According to the CSD's General Manager, Paulette Marshall, the remaining four members of the board may solicit applications from the community for the vacant director's seat.  The existing board would then select a candidate to fill the position.  The term of the position will last until the November 2013 elections.

      Robert Royalty has been elected by the board as the new president.