San Bernardino County's Distant
Alternative Energy Facilities
Threaten National Security
And Your Life

Washington is literally selling out
San Bernardino County

February 18, 2015

      Where to place the massive industrial solar facilities that have been promised and supported by the Obama Administration as part of the Obama legacy has been arduous.

      Nobody wants them in their backyard.  Yet, everyone needs the electrical power.  With Sacramento's leaders determined to make California's residents subject to the most costly power in the world, while other global population centers expand coal production, thousands of California acres are needed for 'renewable energy' production.

      With the concentrated urban population centers not having the acreage cheaply available, the alternative is the rural deserts that most Californian's picture as only being a vast emptiness.

Political Blockage

      For the environmentalists attempting to preserve the rural pristine deserts, the majority of California's urban political block are against them.  The push to place power generation in the rural deserts is, however, very ill-sighted.

      If something can happen, given time, it often will happen.  For reasons of political correctness, the liberal Western World has opened the door for a proliferation of terrorism; and power grids are a prime soft target.


      A portable gas industrial saw and few pounds of a garage made explosive, placed on critical power transmission towers leading into California's urban centers, can cripple California for over a month.

      A small portable nuclear device can emit enough Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) to fry computers, radios, televisions, and cell phone equipment from the inside out.  Detonated from a mail ordered weather balloon, an EMP can destroy electronics in multiple states.  From a rocket 20-miles up, half the county.  From 60-miles up, the entire country.  Once done, nuclear power plants might not be able to cool down and we all know what that leads to.

      An EMP attack would destroy the large transformers at power plants.  The U.S. doesn't have spares.  They're manufactured overseas and orders take about a year.  An order of a large number would take many years to complete; all the time of which power would be down and leading an event 1,000-times worse than Hurricane Katrina.

      The attack, like Katrina, could even be natural.  In 1859, a super sun flare, known as the Carrington event, struck the earth.  Such a flare-up striking the earth has a world-wide EMP effect.  It is believed that such occurances happen on an average of about once every 150 years... so we are due.

      Even a well coordinated cyber attack upon the electric grid system could plunge most of the country into months of darkness.

      An urban area like Southern California without power for several weeks would fall into chaos.  Without power, food will spoil without refrigeration.  Without power, people will be prevented from taking money out of their bank accounts; and transportation will stop without power for fuel station pumps.  Hospitals will run-out of fuel for their backup power generators.  Cell towers and communication equipment won't work.  Without adequate food deliveries, riots will likely start to breakdown society.  Without power, almost everything stops (and likely your income).

      This country has seen riots over an individual for being allegedly discriminated against.  Just wait until a few million people start to starve.

      These are scenerios that have been known for years.  This country is laced with thousands of miles of unprotected power transmission line corridors that anyone can walk up to.

      A single terrorist cell can attack dozens of locations (in difficult to repair locations) and spread disruption throughout the country making federal assistance too diluted for any effectiveness.  Single equipment failures hundreds of miles away have blacked-out New York city.

      A Congressional Blue Ribbon investigative report a couple decades ago provided some bleak information.  Should the country lose power for one year, up to 90-percent of the population might die as starvation and survival instincts for food and heat would manifest the Hunger Games.

Obama's Gambling It Won't Happen On His Watch

      What the Obama Administration is promoting is a renewable power system that creates a severe problem for national security.  Obama has rewarded his green energy campaign contributors with billions of dollars in taxpayer grant money to build utility scale renewable energy projects.  Instead, the funds should be directed to the taxpayers, for assistance in promoting distributed solar energy production (rooftop solar).

      Washington is literally gambling with your life.

      When roof top electrical power is producted at the source of the power consumption, the billions of dollars that must be invested into vulnerable transmission lines, reaching distant billion dollar vulnerable power facilities, are not necessary.

      Off the grid power generation largely defeats America's vulnerability to terrorists attacks by power disruption.  Each roof top system is a patriotic unit unto itself.

American Public Wants Uninterruptible Power

      Citizens may disagree upon issues of the tradeoffs between the environment and the siting of mega-solar and wind renewable energy facilities.  However, one thing that all Americans can agree upon together, is the sensibility to make America more resistant to soft target terrorist attacks.

      The Lovins (Heather and Amory) in their their book, Brittle Power, first published in 1982, revealed the vulnerability of the power grid.  The book was republished in 2001 after the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers.  The new release highlighted the Department of Energy's incompetence of limiting the vulnerability of the critical electrical grid system.

      Power transmission lines have been a principle target for terrorists around the world for decades.  It is only a matter of time until the U.S. power grid is attacked.  Why?  Because it is so easy to do and it would be so devastating to American society.

      Protection of power generation can be simply accomplished by the dependency upon local (distributed) roof top photovoltaic generation.  Despite this knowledge, the politics of Washington have exposed the country to the incapacitation of distant generated power and a potential apocalypse.

County Board Of Supervisors

      The county of San Bernardino's Board of Supervisors are the county's residents first line of defense against the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) that has as an end goal the rapid deployment of dozens of utility scale renewable energy projects throughout the Southern California deserts.

      Often not understood, a county Sheriff holds supremacy over federal agents inside his county.  With the county Board and Sheriff working together, the greater good of citizens can be protected.

      During public meetings on the DRECP and the San Bernardino County Partnership for Renewable Energy & Conservation (SPARC) program, the public has overwhelmingly voiced their opposition to the plans that are promoting the rapid expansion of huge solar and wind projects.

      To their credit, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors has recently unanimously approved a report (8.5 MB) outlining concerns over the DRECP for renewable energy projects in Southern California.  This is an excellent first step; but much more backbone is needed.

      Common sense cries out that the proposed mega-facilities should not be built.  Such huge investments into such rapidly changing technology will only be a drain upon the finances of residents and continue to make their world further unsafe from terrorism.  The Board of Supervisors should do the job that their constitutents elected them to do.  To protect them.  The Supervisors need to push back against the further destruction of our deserts; and only favor roof top (distributed) solar.

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