Special Meeting Scheduled
Silver Valley's Water Plan
Monday  •  March 16  •  6 P.M.

Baja Areawide Water Sustainability Plan
And Its Proposed Recommendations
To Be Revealed At Public Meeting

Water plan continues with it's 'Tier 1' proposals
that lacks minimal producers' support.

Posted: March 7, 2015

      A public meeting of important substance to the entire Mojave Valley will be taking place Monday, March 16, 2015, in Newberry Springs between 6 and 8 P.M.  The meeting outlining the proposed future of water pumping in the Mojave Valley will be held at the Newberry Springs Assembly of God Church at the intersection of Mountain View Road and Tonapah Street.

      The agenda will be including background information on the Baja Areawide Sustainability Plan and the proposed programs to assist those under the court supervised water stipulation agreement.  Assistance to minimal pumpers, primarily residents pumping under 10 acre feet per year, will also be introduced and discussed.

      The meeting's program is being presented by the Mojave Desert Resource Conservation District.  Involved in the program's work are the Mojave Water Agency, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA), and the US Bureau of Reclamation.

      The public meeting is being co-hosted by the Newberry Springs Community Alliance, CEQA-NOW, Newberry Springs Recreational Lakes Association, Newberry Springs Chamber of Commerce, and the Newberry Springs-Harvard Real Property Owners Association.  The meeting facility is being provided by the Newberry Springs Assembly of God Church.

Synopsis of the meeting's agenda.

1.  Recap of Baja Areawide Sustainability Plan Development & Meetings.

2.  Modify Plan Title.

3.  Current and planned programs to help implement the Baja Plan's Tier One alternatives:

a.  Water Rights Buyout and Safety Pool.
b.  Cash for Grass and Other Conservation Rebates.
c.  Irrigation Efficiency Program - Home & Farm.
d.  Land Retirement Programs.
e.  Domestic Well Assistance Program.
 f.  Custom Farm Business Plans (including crop conversion).
g.  Community Water Systems (meters & other).
4.  Overview of Watermaster staff recommendation for ramp down.

Mixed bag.

      The proposed Baja Plan is an attempt to inflict a compromise band-aid solution upon the minimal producers over the continuing depletion of their water in the Mojave Valley.  It fails to take the necessary hard stand to cease the principle cause of the overdraft.  It also fails to address the continuing water quality deterioration and the toxic pollution being caused by the heavy pumpers.

      The proposed water plan is an honest step in addressing the valley's overdrafting.  Unfortunately, it attempts to take a neutral position and tries to please all sides.  The plan fails to address the healing of the aquifer by taking measures to start the slow process of restoring it.  Instead, a neutral emphasis has been placed upon not inconveniencing the heavy pumpers who have been immorally growing inappropriate crops knowing that their high water crops are damaging the groundwaters' quantity and quality for the entire valley community.

      The plan is what it is.  An attempt to place massive data before the superior court with suggestive directions.  It won't please everyone, if anyone; but it is a commendable compounded start for a drawn-out solution.  Meanwhile, the overdraft will likely continue for years with continuing farming contamination of the water supply.

      For the minimal producers, some enticing ideas are being offered; one of which would be some significant governmental assistance for those having to replace their water wells due to overdrafting.  As multiple programs for assistance are available, the public is being encouraged to attend this meeting and learn of the available opportunities.

      The proposed Baja Plan will be presented by the Watermaster to the Riverside Superior Court with the Watermaster's recommendations.  A hearing date is expected to be scheduled by the court for the middle of June 2015.

      Thousands of tons of urban sludge, that is considered so hazardous that it is illegal to dump into rivers or the world's oceans, and considered so toxic that most landfills will not accept it, is being dumped upon the community's drinking water supply.  Trucks continue to dump loads on this morally renegade farm.

      Hundreds of tons of urban sludge are shown dumped adjacent to Valley Center in Newberry Springs.  It is believed by some residents that the Hinkley sludge processing plant may be giving the urban sludge away with free transportation in order to allow the facility room to accept new toxic sludge.  The Hinkley processing converts the human waste in the urban sludge to human compost but the process does little or nothing to the domestic, medical, and industrial toxic contaminants contained in the sludge.

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