Newberry Springs Has Large
Watermaster Turnout

January 29, 2015

      A Watermaster Workshop on the Baja Subarea turned out to be what was described as the largest public Watermaster meeting as Newberry Springs residents filled the hearing room at the Mojave Water Agency in Apple Valley last Wednesday night, January 28, 2015.

      Fueling the turnout are the concerns of the local Newberry Springs residents over the continued water overdrafting and continued water rampdowns in the Mojave Valley.

      The majority of the first hour was dedicated to a review of the Baja Areawide Sustainability Plan presented by Holly Shiralipour, District Conservationist of the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Lance Eckhart, Principal Hydrogeologist with the Mojave Water Agency.

      Following the capsule review of the Sustainability Plan, the workshop was opened for public comment.  First to speak was Ellen Johnson, followed by Jeff Gaastra, president of the newly formed lake owners association.  Next to speak was Tim Rohm who presented a short video showing the principle ski lakes in Newberry Springs and the many benefits that they provide.

      Additional speakers were Bob Delahoussaye, Linda Snively, Fred Stearn, and finally, Glen Van Dam who spoke on behalf of the large farmers.

      At one point, a speaker for the lake owners asked for a showing of hands in the audiance as to who lives on a lake.  Impressively, roughly two-thirds of the people in attendance claimed lake residency; demonstrating that the approximately 300 people in Newberry Springs who live on a lake are organizing to address their water concerns.

      The Watermaster is a position created by the Riverside Superior Court that is handling the water adjudication.  The Watermaster comprises of the elected board members of the Mojave Water Agency who are to advise the court and make recommendations on the adjudication process.

      The workshop lasted approxiately two hours, fifteen minutes.

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