Farmers Continuing Import
Of Toxic Sewer Sludge

Newberry Springs
Carcinogenic chemical hazard.

Time may be ending for unsustainable
farming in Newberry Springs.


Alan De Jong latest importer of sewer sludge.

September 11, 2014

    Despite years of increasing water pumping rampdowns ordered by the Superior Court under the Mojave Basin Adjudication upon the stipulated farmers, the water table of the Mojave Valley continues to realize overdraft; in large part due to the unsustainable water pumping of the largest alfalfa farmers.

    Residents are now having to pay the extreme high costs of drilling new deeper wells due to the dropping of the water table.  To add salt to the wound, many farmers are now intentionally failing to be good stewards of the land.

    Some major alfalfa farmers are hauling in thousands of tons of Nursery Products' toxic sewer sludge and spreading it upon their fields as fertilizer.  Even pistachio farmers are guilty of importing the toxic material.  This is exactly the same stuff that is so dangerous that it has been globally banned for dumping into the oceans and contributing waterways.

    Once dumped and spread upon land, many of the toxic elements in sludge leach into the soil and remain for centuries, contamining the water supply.

    This is highly serious and the farmers are consciously importing the contaminants without consideration for the health and well being of the community.  Already, the water supply in some areas of Newberry Springs, such as Newberry Road and Fairview, reportedly have high levels of nitrates from nearby farming.  Now the farmers are going for a higher contamination of the soil.

    As more Newberrians are becoming aware as to the seriousness of the situation, there is a small but growing call for suspension of sewer sludge imports; including calls to have farmers remove the topsoil of their sludge infested land before toxic elements can reach the water table.

    A boycott of all products grown on land with a previous application of sewage sludge is being considered through social media.  This has national implications of a massive database with certification of sludge-free produced products.

    The quickest action for cessation of further contamination in Newberry Springs is community support of the Mojave Desert Resource Conservation District's proposal to cease Mojave Valley alfalfa farming as part of the Baja Sustainability Plan.

    A public meeting on the plan is scheduled for September 17, 2014.  Some of the "Tier 1" proposals to buyout farmers' water rights, crop replacement, or a serious increase in water production rampdowns, are looking increasingly better to the community as overdraft remedies, which would also address the farmers' greedy financial rewards for contaminating the land.

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