Son of Eric Archibek Threatens Action
Against Unnamed CSD Board Members

Posted April 17, 2013

Citizens are concerned over unknown toxic elements
that may contaminate tons of dumped sludge in Newberry.

      More community turmoil and discourse was witnessed at the March 2013 Newberry CSD meeting when Brandan B. Archibek presented a three minute rant against the community's concerns over his father's importation of sludge products from Nursery Product's notorious Hinkley facility.

      The processed sludge was first discovered by the Newberry Springs Community Alliance in March being imported into Newberry Springs.  The Community Alliance also discovered the source being the renegade Nursery Products that reportedly commenced its operation in Hinkley without all the necessary permits.

      Nursery Products was having its Hinkley facility's opening delayed by costly time consuming regulatory permits and was reportedly near bankruptcy until, in order to remain solvent, the developer commenced operation early in order to acquire revenue.  The 100-plus stacked piles of processed sludge that has been recently imported and dumped in Newberry Springs by Eric Duane Archibek, Brandan Archibek's father, is believed to be part of the original sludge accepted and presumably processed by Nursery Products at its new Hinkley facility.

      At a March 9, 2013 public meeting, Eric Archibek stated that the processed sludge was safe; however, he lacked any documentation of such.

      Some piles of processed Nursery Products "compost" that Eric Archibek has imported into Newberry Springs years ago still remain.  On January 23, 2007, county inspectors visited some of the existing sites and drove a long temperature probe into the "compost."  High temperature readings indicated that the sludge was not properly processed and was still highly bacterially active.  Some of this sludge is reported to have been illegally spread at some Newberry pistachio farms.

      An independent lab analysis on the recent sludge dumpings in Newberry Springs has not been done; but a claimed analysis from Nursery Products, apparently taken at its facility, is said to give the compost a safe rating.  Unfortunately, there is no way for local citizens to know the actual source of the material said to have been tested.  With sludge, safe samples can be taken only a few feet from highly toxic and deadly contaminants.

←   Brandan Archibek speaks at the podium before the Newberry CSD board.

      When sewage waste is processed according to the law, spreading of the resulting compost is claimed by proponents to be safe and not pose a public health risk.  Nursery Products, however, has been known to not always operate within the law.

      Newberry citizens' concern over the safety of their water supply and safe breathable air are apparently considered by Brandan Archibek as hostile and harrassment against his family's right to import the Hinkley sludge into Newberry Springs and to spread it above the community's aquifer.

      According to the Desert Dispatch, Eric Archibek has stated that farmers use the sludge product because it is cheap and effective.  "It's a good source of fertilizer," he said.  "I don't think it smells any worse than other fertilizers such as chicken or cow manure.  It's legal."

      Whether it is legal is questionable without an independent analysis of each truckload.  Test results can fluxuate dramatically depending upon the source of the sludge and whatever the sludge consists of.  The only guarantee with sludge is an inconsistency of its contents.  It can contain whatever pharmaceuticals, toxics, or other hazardous materials that urbanites need to quickly, cheaply, and anonymously dispose of.  The majority of farmers in Newberry Springs and Daggett don't want it upon their fields.

      As one farmer stated to the Community Alliance, "The contents of sludge waste is like a landfill.  It contains everything imaginable and unimaginable."

"And I am pursuing!"
                                              Brandan Archibek

      Brandan Archibek's discourse was commendable in attempting to defend his father; and it contained some subtle humor.  In speaking before the CSD board he made reference in speaking before the "bench;" apparently in confusion that he was before another judicial court.  He also repeatedly threatened to take the "harrassment and slandering" to the Sheriff's department; apparently not understanding that his only redress would be a civil action having nothing to do with the Sheriff's department.

Brandan Archibek says, "I'm not gonna go try to beat people up."

      Litigation would be interesting as it could open-up and force legal discovery and sworn depositions of Eric Archibek over his past financial history and possible collusion of importing Nursery Products' waste into Newberry Springs.  Nursery Products cannot take-in new sludge without moving out its processed stock.  Litigation could reveal the deal that Nursery Products has given the Archibeks to dispose the sludge waste.

      Eric Archibek has been a long time leading advocate over the controversial importation of processed sludge waste into Newberry Springs in opposition to the community's safety concerns.  As such, he has made himself a 'public figure' on the issue and has voluntarily waived his privacy rights to be free from public criticism.  Therefore, Brandan Archibek's complaint over harassing comments appear to hold no legal merit.

      Brandan's father, Eric Archibek, reportedly accosted and allegedly manhandled a CSD director last month outside of the Newberry Springs Post Office after the importation of new sludge waste became known to the community.  Eric Archibek was apparently upset over the sludge issue becoming dominent again.  Reports on the incident were made to the Sheriff's department but no charges have been pressed.

Brandan Archibek's 3-minute talk
before the CSD board.

Eric Archibek's earlier SCE dispute.

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