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Newberry CSD Board
Wants To Celebrate
And Thank Clearway

  Posted: April 28, 2022
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
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about Newberry Springs.'

by Ted Stimpfel

Newberry Springs park.

    Many residents in northwestern Newberry Springs are being inundated by Clearway Energy's blowing sand.  The associated toxic carcinogenic silica dust from Clearway is already accelerating the silica coating of many residents' lungs.

    Each resident may someday require hundreds of thousands of dollars in premature medical end-of-life treatment.  Hopefully, they will have good health insurance or have MediCal as a fallback.

    Respiratory medical treatment is expensive.  My COVID friend that I have previously written about blew through $90,000-plus during her first 2-days in an ICU.  After several months of ICU, her out-of-hospital medical care in a facility is costing $140,000/year.  Medical care isn't cheap.

    It might be interesting to those now suffering from Clearway's suffocating sand and dust to learn that the Newberry CSD board of directors (that capitulated in their lawsuit against the County that greenlighted Clearway's blowing sand), is now proudly supporting Clearway !
(Note: Director Margie Roberts was not on the board at the time of the CSD's community betrayal.  Larry Clark was.)

    The Newberry CSD, through the efforts of local youth baseball enthusiast Michael Matson, has been cozing-up to Clearway and has accepted $4,000 in cash from Clearway for a scoreboard.  Additional free grading from Blattner to level the CSD's baseball field is also valued in the thousands of dollars.

    The Newberry baseball field is indeed looking great, and it is largely due to the efforts of Newberry resident Michael Matson, but the solication of Clearway by Matson and the CSD for a relatively tiny donation is absolutely disgusting.

    Begging Clearway and giving Clearway a good citizen platform is asinine and is yet another CSD public relations blunder.  Clearway has Newberrian blood on its hands and Clearway has wiped that blood onto Newberry's park.

    The Newberry Springs Chamber of Commerce has also reportedly accepted money from Clearway as well as the Newberry Springs Senior Center's sell-out for exterior parking lot lights.

    Compared to the potential of the hundreds of millions of dollars in accumulative future medical expenses and death that the CSD directors have burdened upon the Newberry residents, the petty donations from billion dollar Clearway and Blattner are laughable.  It is amazing how cheaply the Newberry CSD directors continue to sell out Newberry !

    Now, Michael Matson and the CSD board have talked about hanging a big thank you banner on the baseball field's outfield fence thanking Clearway and Blattner for their generous community contributions !   Talk about rubbing salt into the community's open wounds.

    The lack of common sense and the lack of sensitivity of the CSD board are outrageous !

    Taxpaying Newberry residents are expected to attend baseball games, fireworks, Halloween, and other festivities in their park with repulsive signage praising the greedy corporate bastards who are callously subjecting Newberry's young kids and adults to hazardous elevated levels of cancer causing silica dust.

    The Newberry CSD board stubbornly refuses to acknowledge their role and to be held accountable to the community for its betrayal and the ambushing of the Friends of Newberry Springs in renigning on the CSD's soleum promise to litigate the County's permitting of the Clearway project.

    In the litigation, the CSD held an exceptionally strong position which the Board stupidly and sneakedly surrendered.

    During the Black Lives Matter marches, demonstrators shouted out for the rememberance of names.  Newberrians should be demonstrating also and shouting out against the notorious names of the CSD dimwits:  Robert SpringerPaula Deel - Jack Unger - Vicky Paulsen and Margie Roberts!

    It has been one bad decision after another from these lunkheads who continue to mismanage the community.  Until the CSD board is replaced, Newberry will continue to lose.

    Anyone who feels that the solar projects in the Silver Valley are (or will be) physically impacting their pulmonary function is encouraged to join our activist victims' group.


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