Congressional Candidate Paul Cook
Hides Behind Bev Lowry's Skirt!

Paul Cook: The Whisperer

Posted: September 28, 2012

Paul Cook defensive stance.
Ex-Marine and candidate Paul Cook takes a defensive stance. . .
behind elderly Bev Lowry.

From: NICK BENSON   (An e-mail reprint.)
Date: Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 8:59 PM
(Note: Nick Benson is a member of ABATE, a motorcycle rights advocacy organization.)

Subject: Democratic Club

    Today was an unbelievable day!  After hearing that Paul Cook - the alleged Republican whom is running against Gregg Imus for the 8th Congressional District was going to speak at the Barstow Democratic Club, I was a little surprised because alleged Republican Paul Cook has refused to attend any Republican functions or requests from Republicans for debates, speeches, or anything except with a very close circle of questionable people (some of them linked to corruption scandals) and then only in a very low profile manner; and here he is proudly going to the Democratic Club Breakfast where I find out he is the guest of honor and going to speak!

    So I ride over there thinking that I might get some clarity on his recent bill that mandates among numerous restrictions for ROHV drivers and passengers a helmet!  His bill also mandates all factory installed components even if after market upgrades have proven to be safer.

    Aftermarket back seats and roll cages will also be illegal and the driver of these ROHVs now has to be 16 years old.  So I figure since he would be there and there was an announcement for all Barstownians, I would go over and listen to Paul Cook and maybe there would be questions and answers period and I could get some clarity for the thousands of off roaders that this law of Cook's is effecting very negatively.

    One question of course is why he lied to his fellow Republicans about what was really in this freedom restriction bill that he started out writing as a tax relief bill.  (That is how he sneaked it past his fellow Republicans that were all lied to and hood winked by Paul Cook).

    When I got there, the first thing I noticed was a plethora of Paul Cook yard signs outside the building and another on the inside door of the Democratic Club!  My first thought is that Cook has changed his party affiliation.  As I entered the meeting, because I have been in Barstow so long a lot of people know me and as such about 80% of the people the recognized me and some welcomed me --- at first.  There was not much seating left so I opted for a seat in the back of the room in a quiet little corner.

    Suddenly Paul Cook turned and looked a me and whispered to Bev Lowry (a Director of our Mojave Water Agency) and she turned to me and with almost foam coming from her mouth yelled "Who are you?"  I politely said, "Bev, you know me, I have talked to you many times on the phone but have never met you and now I can finally say I have."

    She again yelled at me "Who are you"??  Because she was really starting to remind me of a rabid dog, I very calmly said, "Bev, I am Nick Benson from ABATE of California".  She calmed down for a moment and said "Oh yes, so you are Mr. Benson, what do you want".  I told her again I was from ABATE of California and I was hoping to hear Mr. Cook speak and then if by chance there were a Q&A I could ask him some questions about his new helmet law.

    Paul Cook then whispered to Bev Lowry again and she once again almost started foaming and yelled "We are not here to debate Gregg Imus".  I told her that I was not there on behalf of Gregg Imus, I was there as a Board member for ABATE of California.

    Paul Cook whispered again to her and she said "Mr. Cook will not answer your questions".  I then told her that I was a bit surprised that as an alleged career Marine that Paul Cook could not speak for himself.  Paul Cook then asked me, "Are you calling me a coward" to which I replied, you can take it however you want, but I thought you would answer ABATE questions.   At this point Paul Cook was visibly shaking in what appeared to be very serious fear or some type of disorder!  I was quite concerned for him as I really thought he was having a nervous breakdown!

    Suddenly, Carmen Hernandez - whom is president of the Democratic Club and also running for Barstow City Council started pounding her gavel and yelling at me that I would not be allowed to talk at or after their meeting!  I asked her why all the hostility and she replied that I could not speak at their meeting.  I questioned this being a Democrat group and being so opposed to the 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech and then, she and Lowry whom by now was just short of biting me, yelled that I could stay but I wasn't allowed to speak because those are their rules!

    I decided then that it would be best if I left because of all the hostility in the air.  One of Paul Cook's wannabe thugs whom I later realized was really little more than a semi trained monkey started blabbering something about AB 1595 not being about bikes or involving motorcyclists.  I tried to tell him that any helmet law does involve us and many of us are offroaders with ROHVs and if the law did not involve us, Cook should not be so afraid to answer questions.

    The semi trained monkey kept repeating that law was about side by sides and did not involve motorcycles.  He said the same thing four times in a row.  That is when I realized that he was a semi trained monkey and probably incapable of any other vocabulary.

    As I left, I commented to the room full of people that I was a little surprised that my "friends" there did not stand up for freedom of speech.  One man did follow me outside to apologize to tell me that he was not a member and that he was only there to hear Cook but it was only to decide whom he would vote for.  Two members later spoke to me in the parking lot but the rest of my "friends" in the room were just as bad as Paul Cook who by the way never did stop hiding behind Bev Lowry.

    My conclusion is that Cook has changed party affiliation and he made very clear he that has no use for ABATE or we members.  Although ABATE is a non-partisan organization, it should be noted that if Cook does not tell the truth to the party he claims, how could he be trusted to tell the truth to anybody?

    Cook in my opinion has no concern for offroaders, the citizenry, or anybody but his pathetic self.

    Bev Lowry whom I once had respect for is now in my opinion nothing more than a venomous hag that will never see one of my votes again and I will help anyone that wants to run against her.

    Carmen Hernandez whom has disrupted many city council meetings claiming her First Amendment rights to speech is the lowest form of hypocrite that I have ever seen.  I recently said on a Facebook post that she was a nice lady.  I retract that statement, now that I have seen her in her den of miscreants, I see what she really is.  I will be campaigning very hard to ensure she does not get elected for city council.

Nick Benson, Sr.