Posted: September 11, 2021
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Commentary by Ted Stimpfel

  Chaos From Liberty Healthcare  

    Have you heard of Lawtis Donald Rhoden?  If you follow this news column, you have.  He is the 6-foot 2-inch bully who is a violent sexual predator of children that Liberty Healthcare wants to dump in Newberry Springs !

    Most sexual rapes, even of children, are said not to be reported.  So, we probably don't know the true number of children that he has victimized.

    While released on parole for raping a child in Florida, he raped at least four other children in Tennessee.  After serving time for those, he moved to California where he was caught again for destroying the lives of children.

    He has now successfully petitioned for his release and there is a unanimous psychiatric opinion that he meets the release standards.  But, there is a reason why psychologists "practice" their trade.  They can not guarantee anything.  They can only make educated guesses based upon the general case experiences of others.

    Convicts learn to manipulate the game for release.  It is said that for Sexually Violent Predators (SVPs), there is no cure.  Only the learning of new behavior and new skills.  There is no rewiring of the brain.

    In California, an East Coast company, Liberty Healthcare Corporation holds a monopoly on the "specialized treatment, risk assessments, re-entry programming, and case management supervision placement, monitoring, and the support of released SVPs." (Liberty's website.)

    As Liberty Healthcare is responsible for the after-release care, a court can only approve or disapprove a proposal by Liberty Healthcare.  So, if Liberty Healthcare becomes sloppy and incompetent in its duty, a court can only deny Liberty's game plan.  The problem is, repeated denials become old very fast.

    Denials deny the right of the convict to be released.  And, it keeps bringing the matter back upon the court for resolution.

    IMHO, when a company shows as much incompetence as Liberty Healthcare has demonstrated, it needs to be fired and forced to repay the damages its incompetence has caused.


    Lawtis Rhoden petitioned for release back in 2018.  Between the petition and his proposed placement in Twentynine Palms and Newberry Springs, the nearly three-year marathon for release has gobbled up a lot of Orange County court time.

California Sex Offender Management Board

    The Sex Offender Management Board is the employer of Liberty Healthcare for the state.

    The above link provides considerable insight into the state's management of sexual offenders.

    Most offenders on the monitor "list" are not considered dangerous.  Those qualified as sexual predators are however more chronic and are considered to be a greater risk of reoffending.

A page from Liberty Healthcare's website.

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