Newberry residents fill the February CSD Board meeting with concerns over the Board's lack of transparency and silence on the status of the CSD's Superior Court civil action to stop the Daggett Solar Power project.

  Pants-On-Fire Director Jack Unger  
  Continues To Fib

Posted: March 1, 2020

    On Friday, February 28, 2020, CSD director Jack Unger posted the following on Facebook.

Unger's Post & February CSD Board Meeting

    Contrary to Jack Unger's statement in his above post, a mandatory "settlement conference" is not "required BY LAW."  It is an optional Rule of Court that is discretionarily exercised by most California trial judges.  Mandatory Settlement Conferences, more commonly referred to as MSCs, can also be requested by any party to resolve a disputed matter before consuming a court's time.

    Jack Unger's statement is correct that I do feel that the "Newberry CSD directors are selling out the community's residents."  Unger's quotation, however, does not exist anywhere within my February 18, 2020, blog that he supposedly quotes from.  Another one of Unger's made up Pants-on-Fire  fibs.

    My CSD sellout statement was proven 100% correct by President Robert Springer, at the February Board meeting, holding steadfast on his statement that the CSD will settle with the County if he believes that Newberry would be better served by the CSD acquiring a settlement.

    Any notion of settling the CSD's excellent civil action with the County is a sellout betrayal.  The Daggett Solar Project is illegal under County Code and any settlement would falsely recognize it as legitimate.

    Those who attended the February meeting can attest that Jack Unger fibbed when he writes (above) that when he questioned me "What evidence do you have that supports your published statement?  He revealed the fact that he had NO EVIDENCE. ZERO, ZIP, NADA and he quickly changed the subject."

    The actual quotation that Unger cited at the meeting contained the word "may"  that I caught him on.  For evidence, I recited the lack of the Board's transparency and President Springer's sellout statement provided at the January 28th Board meeting.

    If Jack Unger feels that I "quickly changed the subject,"  I must ask, why linger on it ?  For Unger to argumentatively state that I have provided no background evidence in my blogs is his confusion.

    For him to take up the CSD's Board meeting time, and the time of those attending, for his personal attacks and rant against a blogger, and to pass out demented and asinine flyers before the meeting is reflective of his deeply disturbed thinking.  I don't wish to patronize such.

    For the Mandatory Settlement Meeting (required by March 7th) the CSD would have needed to present its settlement terms.  What are they?  What measures will the CSD sell out the community for?  While the CSD may not have (yet) settled, terms would have been placed on the table for the Mandatory Settlement Conference on March 9, 2020.

    Unger and the other directors have repeatedly demonstrated to me that they do not appear to be of a caliber that I can trust to stop the solar project.

    The Friends of Newberry Springs need a greater participation in the civil action to defend the community.

Jack Unger continues to receive a full five pants-on-fire rating.

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