Economic Development Committee
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    Subcommittee will be developing a Promise Zone boundary which may include Barstow to Needles, Lucerne Valley, and an Indian reservation.

Next meeting:  Jan. 25 at 11 A.M. • CSD building.

Posted: January 9, 2016

    For its second organizational meeting, the Newberry Springs Economic Development Committee's attendance grew as 21 people attended the January 7, 2016 meeting.  Once again Holly Shiralipour of the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service volunteered her personal time to act as facilitator for the meeting.  She provided an update to the data necessary for applying for a federal Promise Zone Grant.

    Due to a very short window period being given for a Promise Zone application being filed, the Newberry meeting concentrated on laying the extensive groundwork necessary to file the application.

    The benefits of receiving the grant are multiple.  In part, for a term up to ten years, the federal government will appoint a full time expert to assist the Promise Zone area acquire grants and expand economic growth.  The Promise Zone area will also receive special access and priority standing to acquire federal grants and receive coordinated assistance between multiple federal agencies.

    Paul Deel starts to write down votes for the formation of a Promise Zone boundary subcommittee. 

    During the meeting, a subcommittee was established to recommend the boundary of a proposed Promise Zone for the grant application.  This in itself is complicated because the grant has specific criteria that must be carefully followed.  Elected to the 6-member board is (in alphabetical order) Paul Deel, Paula Deel, Kimberly Hammack (Barstow), Ellen Johnson, Vickie Paulsen, and Ted Stimpfel (CHR66A).

Attendees Pastor Charles Patrick and wife Gwen.

    Ron Frame, Senior Field Representative to Supervisor Robert Lovingood, spoke about county services.  Frame stressed that for Newberry Springs to acquire its vision of county involvement in its community, Newberry Springs needs to prepare and submit a new community plan.  The county will be introducing its revised General Plan in approximately 3½ years; so Newberry has about 2½ years to submit a new plan.

    To present ideas of how new businesses can be established in Newberry Springs, Ted Stimpfel provided a PowerPoint presentation.  The presentation started with an emphasis upon the need for preservation of the viewscape along Route 66 for tourism and examples of inexpensive roadside signage.  The presentation then utilized the example of a very popular roadside stop of multiple shops along Interstate-15 in Riverside County; the principle of which can be successfully copied in Newberry Springs.

Newberry Springs roadside business.

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