Newberry CSD Meeting
To Host Daggett Solar Rep On Dust

  Posted: January 23, 2022
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
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by Ted Stimpfel

    According to the Newberry CSD's agenda for its January monthly board meeting, the CSD has scheduled, "Guest Speaker's (sic) From Clearway and Blattner to Address Dust Control From Daggett/Newberry Springs Solar Site."

    The CSD is attempting to address the dust arising from the Daggett Solar Power Project that the CSD permitted to be built after the CSD board violated its solemn promise to the community's residents to litigate the project.

    The Newberry CSD had a clear opportunity to stop the project based upon the project's clear violations of multiple county policies, ordinances, and state law.

    For reasons that are still unclear because of the CSD's evasiveness and indecent secrecy, the CSD foolishly grabbed the bait of a mere $200K settlement and capitulated for peanuts to the billion-dollar-plus development.

    This has left the residents living downwind subject to the highly dangerous toxic dust generated by the facility.

    The mowed and disturbed soil crust will remain susceptible to the wind taking the dust airborne for years after the completion of the construction.

    Water trucks are not a solution as moisture evaporates too quickly and does not bond the soil as the soil bacteria and fungus do over decades.

    Even the CSD's General Manager, Jodi Elder-Howard, recognizes the horrific sand and dust problem in this Facebook post.

    Remember, the construction is just beginning and it is expected to last for another 4 to 5 years !

    The CSD's meeting should be of interest to Newberry's residents concerned about the dust arising from the project.

    The Newberry CSD will hold its meeting on

Tuesday, January 25, at 6 P.M.
Newberry Community Center
30884 Newberry Road
Newberry Springs

    Anyone who feels that the solar projects in the Silver Valley are (or will be) physically impacting their pulmonary function is encouraged to join our activist victims' group.  With sufficient numbers, we may be able to address this outrageous public harm.


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