Environmental Disaster &
Broken Promises For The Gullible

  Posted: 2/22/22
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
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about Newberry Springs.'

by Ted Stimpfel

    Minneola Road facing northbound just south of Silver Valley Road.  Dangerous silica dust darkens the sky during the late afternoon of February 21, 2022.

    Despite promises by Clearway Energy and assurances from Blattner Energy that such would not happen, hazardous silica dust rises (from the left side of the photograph) to hundreds of feet from the bladed field being prepared by Blattner Energy for the Daggett Solar Power Project.

    Minneola Road between Valley Center Road and Silver Valley Road had to be closed due to reduced visibility.

    Wind at the time of the photographs was approximately 20 MPH.  Less than half of the earlier morning wind speed.

    An unhealthy silica dust plume engulfed Newberry Springs' northwestern residences for most of the day.  The health risks involve the ultrafine and invisible silica dust that can remain suspended in the air for days.

    While this was not supposed to happen, it has been long predicted.

    While plans to coat the soil with a stabilizing binder will greatly help reduce the dust, the measure will only be temporary and there is no incentive for the binder to be repeatedly reapplied as needed.

    A soil adhesive binder was used with the Mountain View solar facility and Newberrians know of the long term effectiveness of that fiasco.

    At the February CSD (Community Services District) monthly board meeting (2/22/22), the dust issue was discussed.  Board member Jack Unger commented on Blattner's inability to control the dust.  Unger stated, "They had their eyes closed."  Actually, it is Jack Unger and the CSD board that have had their eyes closed in allowing the solar project by dropping the CSD's litigation.

10-15 feet of visibility.


    Anyone who feels that the solar projects in the Silver Valley are (or will be) physically impacting their pulmonary function is encouraged to join our activist victims' group.  With sufficient numbers, we may be able to address this outrageous public harm.


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