Newberry Springs Forfeiting
Fiber-Optic Broadband

Time is running out for citizens to respond by Oct. 30th.

Posted: October 22, 2015

It is now matter of time!

    Newberry Springs' opportunity to acquire high-speed Internet broadband service through a sale of Verizon Communications' landline assets to Frontier Communications appears to be failing.

    The importance of high-speed fiber-optic broadband cannot be overstated.  It represents the doorway to economic growth within Newberry Springs.  The lack of broadband will contribute to the community's continued economic decline.

    As first announced on July 25, 2015, by the Blotter, Newberry Springs has an opportunity through federal funding, to acquire high-speed broadband by requesting the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) require Frontier Communications provide fiber-optic broadband to Newberry Springs as part of Frontier's state licensing.

    Federal dollars for the establishment of high-speed broadband to disadvantaged rural communities, such as Newberry Springs, is available through the state.  Currently, Newberry Springs has an opportunity to ask for these dollars through the CPUC's processing of Frontier's application.

    On August 2, 2015, the Blotter posted an updated appeal for Newberrians to immediately step-up and petition the CPUC for broadband by sending letters.  A very simple template lettter was provided to assist writers to follow.

    A number of Newberry organizations, including the Chamber, property owners, and the Senior/Family Center have requested their members to write letters to the CPUC.  The Newberry Community Focus newsletter's last semi-annual edition dedicated a page encouraging readers to write the CPUC.  The newsletter was mailed to each postal address in Newberry Springs.

    Indicators suggest that the community response has been poor.  This is believed due to the traditional low responsiveness of economically challenged populations to be civically active.

    The CPUC's staff is currently wrapping-up the processing of data for its recommendation to the commission.  As part of the commission's fact-finding scoping process, a series of public meetings were held throuhout the state.  With those public meetings now ended, the period for the public's input is now reported as closed.

    Letters submitted at this time from Newberry Springs may, or may not, be entered into the official record.  However, letters mailed by October 30th may still have a meaningful impact.

    To date, the community's response by residents supporting fiber-optic broadband may not be sufficient enough to sway the commission's action.  So any letter now sent could be the letter that does it.  Submitting a letter is something that residents must initiate on their own. 

    Newberry residents are highly encouraged to submit a letter as fiber-optic broadband would assist local students, facilitate an increase of businesses and jobs, and open the door for Newberry to fully enter the digital age that offers incredible benefits, including family entertainment.

CPUC Letter 'How To' And Template

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